Little St. Germain Lake Lake Reviews
Vilas County, Wisconsin

There are currently 24 reviews for Little St. Germain Lake.
Just fished this lake for 1 week in South Bay Caught 2 small pike, a nice bass, 2 small crappies. Weather kept us off the lake for the most part of the week. Bites were few but aggressive. Fish were found in the healthy weeds. Musky Mepps retrieved above the weeds works!
My famly has property on this lake starting in the 60's . Now that I have taking over the property and maintaining etc the fishing is getting worse. Can some one tell me what is being planted in he lake each year? Whats the latest on reproduction. As past review stated is exactly right. When lake was over sprayed in the low 80's it has never been close when it comes to catching fish. Fishing is terrible unless you want to catch 7 inch crappies.
Fished this lake the past 15 plus years for ice fishing. Been many good years and always concerned about ice conditions. Wondering what the current ice conditions are? Also heard the lake level is up this year, true? How much?
Very little pleasure boats on this lake. I like that alot . Keep enough fish for a few meals. They need to have a min size on crappie
Fished LSG one week in summer. Bays protect you from the wind, never rough. I focused on crappie/bluegill. Caught 250-300 crappie but not a single one over 10" (only kept enough for one meal). Almost as many bluegill caught with only one legit keeper. Also lots of perch. The panfish weren't tiny, so it was still fun, but a few bigger ones mixed in would have helped alot. Loved the resort (Estrold), loved the area.
I had some good luck in the south bay with northerns crappies and bass. does anyone else know any good spots?
I've been fishing this lake everyday for the last five weeks and I've always caught fish. Right now the crappies are spawning on the shores, and bigger game fish are in the shallows during noon times. Have caught quite a few of Northern and Bass.
Great crappie fishing best lake I ever fished on. A few walleyes and some nice northern.
Great lake to catch a fish fry! Size of Crappies is an issue. I agree that there should be some sort of limit to get some bigger ones in here. Bass have been more prevalent each year. A lot of small Northern.
done lots of fishing here, not much for big fish here. might as well just fish off the pier
Great family lake with small bass and small crappie. If you are looking to catch enough panfish for a fish fry it will take a lot of 7 inch crappie to get that done. This lake needs a 10" size on its crappies and a daily bag limit of 15. It has potential if people would stop harvesting all the crappie. Bass fishing is good but there is no size.
Fished this last last summer-caught many panfish everywhere. Great lake for kids. Didn't catch anything big.
Fish this lake the first week in June every year, always do fantastic on panfish and northerns. Eyes have been tough the last couple of years, even used a guide for the first time after coming here for15 years with no additional success . Average size of Gills seems to be improving of late, great place to catch a nice mess of fish. Try tight to the reeds in spring for crappies.jgill1954
Great Lake to catch any kind of fish you want. Spent a week up there. Caught Gills,Panfish, Crappie, Bass, Walleye, Bullhead, 28 in. Northern!!!!! I love this Lake!!
only on the lake for 1 week (june14- june 21) many small gills, some real nice crappies, a couple nice lg bass, lots of little bass, no pike, a couple of musk. 32-38 in.
some good walleye action and awesome gill action. fished for only a couple hours n just limited out like nothing.
Know fish are in there but can't find them! West Bay is only chance to raise a fish! (Musky)
Summer of 2001. Best year yet for "bucketmouths!"
This was great in the 60's and early 70's. Natural producer at that time until the DNR started netting fish for eggs. They also overdosed the lake with week killer in the 80's and killed over one million fish on a Labor Day weekend. Sad but true. The lake has a large number of northern pike which are undersize. Walleye run small now. Has a lot of small muskies; some big ones are taken occasionally. If you venture to fish it, West Bay is your best bet on a cloudy day.
Great Walleye And Small &lg Mouth Bass FISHING.WILL Be There The End Of June For A Week.
Very Quiet And Picturesque. Great Place To Relax And Catch A Few.
An Awful Lot Of Fishing Pressure, Still Good Catches Are Possible
It´s A Big Lake And It´s Nice And Quiet For Fishing.
Best Lake For Relaxation, Quietness, Nice People And Fabulous Fishing For Northerns, Walleyes, Bass