High Lake Lake Reviews
Vilas County, Wisconsin

There are currently 13 reviews for High Lake.
Tough lake to fish, but there are some walleyes and panfish if you can find 'em.
Stunted panfish, no forage base. Couldn't find any legal fish. Nice looking structure and good weeds but the northerns, walleye and muskie were absent for a large group of us. Managed some tiny LMB but that was it. Don't know if I'd return from Milw. to fish this lake.
Caught two muskies in High lake. One was a 32 inch and the other was a 39 inch.
Excellent muskie lake. Action and size are superb. Wisconsin state record walleye was caught here in the 30's.
One of the best lakes in the north. a good part is by the shorlines using spiners for huge bass!
One of the best lakes in the north. Good part of the lake is right in the center.
Nice lake great panfish fished it on easter on the ice! very scarry
Good musky action in bay off of boat landing channel.
Great atmosphere for a relaxing, enjoyable fishing experience. All species for serious fisherman, plus excellent pan fishing for entire family. Lake has several hidden treasures and is never extremely pressured. I have noticed several large muskie in follow and have even seen them cruising the banks when I am not fishing, but I have yet to have the pleasure of landing one of these magnificent creatures. Maybe this year????
I´m Only 8 But I Luv To Fish, When I Was Younger I Cought 1 Bigger Then Me!
Awesome Lake Caught 50 Perch In About 1 Hour!! Kick Butt Lake!!
Super Perch LAKE.NICE Eyes Too
Channel Takes You To Fishtrap If The Muddy Bottom Of High Lake Is Not For You. Ps Stay At Jung´s!