Eagle River Chain Lake Reviews
Vilas County, Wisconsin

There are currently 4 reviews for Eagle River Chain.
awesome lake possible to catch over 10 musky a day
HUGE FLIPP'N SMALLIES thats all i've got to say me and my dad have had 20 over 20in before monsters in that river!!!
Great musky lakes. Had 14 follows one day. Great action with a shot at some 40+ inchers.
The Eagle River Chain of 10 lakes has a natural reproduction of walleyes and the season opens May 3rd and it has some 4 walleyes per acre above average . The musky population is very high and the success ratio excellent. The catch and release program has improved the fishery making it very well known for its numbers... Average length is 36.2 inches. Musky seasson opens up May 24th. Good luck and have fun fishing...