Big Arbor Vitae Lake Lake Reviews
Vilas County, Wisconsin

There are currently 10 reviews for Big Arbor Vitae Lake.
First time ever fishing it was able to find the walleyes and crappies.... make sure to hit up on a cloudy day.
The walleyes are thinning out but ALOT of small muskies. I caught 6 muskies opening weekend of walleye fishing on small crankbaits, all where under 25 inches. We got our limit of walleyes though and had time to catch some crappies, found some that were 12-14 inches and that was a blast. Also a great bass fishing lake but not many people know it.
This lake is not a s good as some may think. I have fished better.
Been fishing this lake since I was three years old. Just got back on Saturday (AUG. 5) caught enough panfish, bass and walleye to have a fish fry. Saw four musky and a huge Northern Pike. Fishing hasnt been this good in about seven years.
fished this lake for the first time recently. impressive lake. little larger than what i prefer and when the winds kick up you can get beat up a little out there. good vegetation. good depth. clear water. bait fish population very strong. would appear to be an excellent muskie fishery and I look forward to learning the lake better. heavy fishing pressure brings it down to a 4 star lake.
good lake for fishing walleye and muskie
Lots Of Nice Perch Andbig Bass If U Can Catch Them
Yes, Very,very, Big Fish.
Seen 10 Muskie In 1 Day . 1 Over 30 Lbs. Action Lake
Panfish Esp. Perch Excellent-Lots Of Easily Caught ´eyes-A1 Muskie