Pine Lake (Baldwin) Lake Reviews
St Croix County, Wisconsin

There are currently 14 reviews for Pine Lake (Baldwin).
I grew up fishing this lake. It used to be a diamond in the rough but now it has to much pressure and the average fish is smaller than what most would consider a "keeper". Good place if you want to catch fish but I would consider other places if you want to catch a meal. Great place to keep the kids busy
this lake is a gem great fishin with some nice fish if you know where and how to get em
Good ice fishing lake with nice gills and crappie!
Everything runs on the smaller size unless you love chasing Nortrons.
Crappies,Perch,and Bluegils are good sized and found through out the lake. Pan fisherman enjoy!
Went there for ice fishing, all we got were stunted bluegills. Probably won't try this lake again.
Fun lake to Bass fish, if the lake is up where it's suppose to be,rather than 4'-5'low..Lots of timber in the water!!
I love bullheads, so I love this lake. Algae-ridden in the late summer months, no sandy beach to be found anywhere, and mosquitos the size of birds. Spectacular!
Poor, green and bullhead ridden through the ice and on open water. Only positive was a few large crappies when they could be found.
Catch some good crappies this winter under the power lines and some notherns right along the areator ropes!
Under-appreciated small lake, great scenery and lots of fish. The wife and I have NEVER had a bad day on this lake. Throw a crawler under a bobber and hold on because you can catch 5 different species on five successive casts. Only lake I've ever caught bullhead ripping a spinnerbait just below the surface. And while the northerns run smaller, they are very cooperative.
What A Joke For Ice Fishing. It´s A Dud.
Tons Of Bullheads,, Some Bass,, Lots Of Bluegills
Best Bulhead Lake In The Area