Glen Lake Lake Reviews
St Croix County, Wisconsin

There are currently 5 reviews for Glen Lake.
fishe glen last 3 years. first year pretty good summer bass and bluegills as well as winter. last year few bass and small and lots of little bluegills. this year dint try summer hav been out twice on ice. one keeper bluegill and one keeper crappie. shocked bout the crappie. never seen a trout here
this is a good lake as long as u know were to find the fish because this lake does not allow motors there is plenty of fish to be caught...never fished it for trout but have seen pictures and good reviews
Great lake I love it Fished last spring for a day caught about 20 nice bass in winter some nice trout
You can catch Bass and Trout all day long an this lake, if you know what the secret bait is.
Great Lake For Catching Lots Of Bass. Some Big Ones Around Too. Can´t Run The Outboard Here.