Crooked Lake Lake Reviews
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

There are currently 4 reviews for Crooked Lake.
This is a good lake in the winter for tipups, lots of northern pike. i wouldnt recomend fishing there in the summer. winter is your best bet use tipups with shiners.
When fishing is on, it's on; when it's not, go somewhere else. There are some huge bass here, but the northern are more plentiful. Work the deep end of the weed edges for crappies and northerns, and get in the cabbage for the bass. Panfish run small, but the crappies get to good size.
Crooked Lake came through again. Spent week On lake starting the 25th of June. Crappies were plentiful. All in our group caught all they wanted. Many in the 8 to 10 inch size. Had about 15 in the 12 inch size with 2 14 inchers. Did fish bass also. Smallest was about 3 1/2 lb. Fishing partner landed a 6 lb hog. Caught a few northern pike while bassin. Biggest was 29 inches. All bass and northern relesed to fight again another day. Kept some crappie for a fish fry. Yes crappie caught on simple slip bobber minnow rigs. Fish weed lines, weed lines, weed lines!!!!.
Have fished this lake for 27 years. It is a hidden gem! Laregmouth are plentful with many in the 2 to 3 lb class with 4 and 5 lbs not at all uncommon Bass found in both weed beds or off dropoffs from weed to 8 to 10 foot of water. Texas rig now. Culprit moccassin color a goodie with pumpkinseed and yes the bubblegum color providing hits. Try early morn off the beach area near Hoefts Resort. Northern are not big. but provide some action. Best luck with spinner blades or just soak some suckers off the weed lines.Plentiful gills all over the lake and the crappie will be running their post spawn habits about now. Nothing fancy, minnows off the drops from shallow to deep water. Public launch on County SS. Boat rental at Hoefts or Four Season Resort. Small lake that is not too hard to figure out. Good Luck!! Please practice catch and release.