Shawano Lake Lake Reviews
Shawano County, Wisconsin

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Fished out of cecil bay saturday night. Caught 2 6" gills and a 10"Crappie. No flags. Ice was 13"-14" Thick
Worst lake in Wi that doesnt have any potential.Too much pressure and people keep anything here
Just started fishing this lake 3 years ago, more good sized pan fish than I thought. Nice to see all the boats, all the personal craft stuff flying by when I'm trying to fish, it keeps me awake. I hit this lake only in the spring time as this lake gets way too weedy for me.
Just wanted to see if new motor worked properly and the hour of fishing was a bonus. Did not catch anything in 6-8ft cecil bay cabbage weeds. Water temp was 49-51.
Too much boat activity. Way too many small fish.
I catch big northerns in here with spoons in about 5-8 ft of water. bass fishing is good but not great. lots of nice panfish in 3-5 ft of water, they hit worms better then anything else.
Been fishing Shawano for 16 years , used to be more northern than bass but that seems to have changed to more bass than northern. Weed flats on the South and west ends of the lakes are can't miss. The lake is also loaded, I mean loaded with bluegills, perch and sunfish. You have to throw back a lot of small ones to get some eaters but they are there. All in all it is an awesome lake because of it's sheer size. Everyone can have fun on this lake, recreational boaters as well as fisherman
I found that right around sundown the crappies start to hit on waxies about 2 feet from bottom in 12' of water
Way too many people for the few fish that are there
Fished for three days. Wasn't too bad, a few small pan fish, but some keepers. Faught the rain all weekend. Still a good place to fish.
Good fishing even though we have some trouble in the spring. Enough room for fisherman and recreational boaters.
been fishing there for years and never had a bad day out there
Shawano was in a Cabela's magazine for really big northerns.
Big bass around the weed edges
Been fishing this lake since i was little havent always caught alot but hey thats why they call it fishing. But this lake has really good panfish and plenty of pike to go around.
I've been fishing this lake since i was around 7 yrs old and it is still one of my favorite lakes lots of bluegill and especially lots of pike to but they are all in the twenties to thirties no real huge ones but good eater size ones.
If you are at the island go northeast and if your boat has a depthfinder look for the edge of a dropoff. It goes from 3 feet to 15 feet deep. This is where all of the big muskie and walleye are.
This lake is my favorite fishing spot. It hosts great fishing for pike, largemouth, and muskie. While I was fishing in about 4 feet of water, i caught a 24" musky!!! I was using a whole nightcrawler like a lure, and the fish bit it at the edge of the boat. It landed on my friend, and he started freaking out. The best time to fish for pike and muskie is around 9 oclock a.m. around three to nine feet because they come in to feed. To catch some nice sized bass go around the docks and in the few bays. Use the Gary Yamamoto 5" Hula Grub, a Bill Lewis Rattle Trap, and in the weedy bays and points use a floating 4" Yo-Zuri Crystal minnow. The Yo-Zuri catches everything in this great lake!
Lots of little panfish and lots of snakes
This Lake Has Always Been Great, Though It Does Seem To be Declining In Panfish Size And Amount.
Great lake,lots of different structure to fish.Great ice-fishing for panfish,northerns,and walleyes.Good numbers and size with the northerns if you know where to look as well as a ton of snakes to get you a lot of flags.
Great lake to fish for bass, and panfish. Winter or summer doesnt matter.
I have been coming to shawano lake for five years' now and every time i come i am never disappointed.
Never thought of Shawano Lake as a perch lake, but this winter they seem to be back. Large numbers of good size perch if you know where to look. Northern and bass hitting well during day with lots of good eaters and a few monster pike. A few buddies have been slaying the eyes at night with good numbers and size.
this is a very excellent lake for gills. herd theres a lot of walleye in there. never been able to pick on up tho. never caught a muskie here ethier. the nothern are very small and i herd people say them are nice nothern. wait till they catch 40 + incher. would love to know where the muskie and walleye are in this lake please inform me.
I have been coming here from Milwaukee almost every weekend from late spring to early fall for many years. Huge lake with tons of fish. Can be tough when its windy or when there is too much recreational activity. Great beach and campground at the county park.
I am heading to Shawano lake in three weeks. I've always had good luck with panfish and last year my brother in law limited out on Northern every day. I've heard from several sources that there is a good population of walleyes in the lake,I have never been able to find any. Does anyone who fishes Shawano know where the 'eyes might be?? Any info would be helpfull.Thanks
Shawano lake is the best lake ever. I come up here every weekend and every weekend i dont wanna go home. Shawano lake big enough to go boating, clean enough to go swimming, good enough to go fishing, and beautiful enough to look at. Shawano lake always provides fun and fortune to every family visiting.
A great lake to fish Monday - Friday.Windy days presents a lot of challenges. Fish hard and you will get good results.
awesome lake for tip up fishing, ussually fish off of county park and just hammer the northern and jumbo perch this is the first lake i've fished tip ups on where the perch swallow your large golden shiner and run with it
Fished the lake for a long time. Killed off some weeds this summer hopefully it won't be so weedy for ice fishing. Not as good as 5 yrs. ago or so but still big fish to be caught. Pulled some big walleyes and bigger fish out this summer.Maybe the ice will be good this year and we can not have to worry about shacks this year so bad.
The great thing about this lake is that you can go basically anywhere and catch fish!!!!!!!!!! Like patches of bulrushes where the Bass are.....
Fished there for the first time! My son and I caught our limit of huge gills, 6 2-4 pound bass, and on my very first cast on the lake a nice 8 pound norhtern. And we didn't even get out there until after 4 pm. I'm in love.
Hammered the Northerns on 1-26-02 with large minnows and tip-ups. Average size about 25 inches with the largest at 33. Set your minnow just below the ice but above the weeds. Duh.
Forgot to modify rating. For peace and harmony you need to find a lake like Kentuck-with rock hazards 6" under the surface where you can escape personal watercraft, etc. Shawano's a playground. Wish I didn't have only weekends off.
Wolinski must love personal watercraft and the like! Fished her for 25 yrs-eyes, bass, big gills-it was a lot better 5 yrs ago and prior to that. Don't see numbers of big northerns like we used to (10+ pounders). A lot more weeds than there used to be-need to be controlled.
Decent lake that will usually produce panfish if you know where to fish. Large body of water that will take awhile to learn. Walleyes are there but experience is needed to catch them regularily.
Fished here at least twice a year all my life.Best bass lake in the area especially in early May.Great panfish,walleye getting better every year.Lots of northerns to keep you on your toes.Hard to fish if its your first time so ask alot of questions at the bait shops or bars there all around the lake.One of the most peaceful lakes around in May and June September and October.
Sweet lake good walleye and bass. Good lake overall.
My father lives on the lake and I have fished and boated it for over 40 years. Great fishing - always some action, especially northerns and panfish. Close to a thriving town with lots of shopping and restaurants - and only 35 miles from Green Bay!
Shawano Lake is the definition of peace and harmony.
A great BASS lake lots of northern some muskie good learning lake.
Awesome Lake For All Walks Of Fishing, Tons Of Panfish Caught A 20inch Smallie Of Our Dock
Good Lake For Walleyes And Bluegills
Good Place To Take You Husband And You Crabs.
Lots Of Small Pike. Great For Big Largemouth. Try Using Beetle Spins
If You Like To Catch A Lot Of Small Fish, This Is The PLACE.NEVER Caught So Many Lil Pike
Great For Walleyes Early Ice Off The Island
Awesome Lake Caught 9 Gills 6 Bass All Over 15 Inc And Awesome Muskie 2, 34inc And 30inc
Fishing Is Fantastic, But You Have To Know What Bait Use And Where To Find Them.
Best Bass Lake Lake I Have Ever Fished
Great Largemouth Fishing With 4 - 5 Pounders Common
Best Damn Lake I Have Ever Fished! Great Panfish, Walleye, Pike, And Bass Lake
This Lake Is Awesome! Lots Of Fish From Bluegill To Muskies, Great Lake For The Fams.
This Is The Best Lake I Ever Fished! All Year Around, Lots Of Fish.
This Lake Has Lots Of Fish. Bring The Youngsters And Catch The Fish.
Lots Of Fish To Be Caught But, Mostly Smalls - Caught A Great Fish Sandwich From The Local Wendy´s
Their Are Some Huge Gills In This Lake But A Lot Of Other Species A Lot Of Northern Too
This Lake Is Awesome!!!! I´ve Made Several Trips To This Lake This Year And Every 1 Was Exellent !
Muskies Are Frequent On The River, Small Northern, Good Bass
Great Lake For Both Kids And Adults! Beginers Or Advanced Fishermen!
Shawano Lake Is Full Of Fish! From Walleye To Bass, Northerns To Panfish, You Won´t Be Let Down!