White Clay Lake Lake Reviews
Shawano County, Wisconsin

There are currently 14 reviews for White Clay Lake.
I now fish for Northern most of the time on this lake until Oct., then I go back for some gill fishing a bit. Nice crappies on this lake also. Quite a few decent sized walleye (I release all of those) and nice largemouth. Put back 22" lg mouth in May, 6-7 lbs. I'd think, didn't weigh it, I wanted it back in the water ASAP as it was filled with eggs. Caught over 100 Northern in 2017, 8 were over 30", these are my EATING fish. Yes I keep track of this stuff!!!! FYI, I keep what's perfectly legal. I can catch any amount I want, keeping is a different story. Last sentence is for those of you that might not understand when I say catch, that's not the same as kept. For a little lake that has tons of pressure there's a LOT of fish in this lake. It takes a very different technique to catch them though.
Been fishing White Clay for the last 5 years. The lake offers decent size pan fish. Yesterday caught two perch, however too small (7 inches) threw back for them to grow up. You just need to study the lake to find the fish. It is a bit early for pan fish to be biting, we used wax worms instead of crawlers.
Fished Clay since I was a little guy, Great fishing for Gills and Crappies in summer. Winter their hard to come by. If you can find the Walleyes in summer fish are nice size. Have tied into some really big Pike in summer.
Good lake but hard to fish
This lake is very nice, but it varies from day to day. I have made a few trips here, but only in the summer. From my experiences, the lake is pretty worth while. We have caught a few nice pike, and I have also seen a few real nice panfish. On the off days, it is difficult to catch anything, but the anticipation of getting a nice pike really keeps you casting. If you want walleyes, you can try, but in my opinion, too many people spend all of their fishing time trying to catch walleye, but end up with little or nothing to show for their efforts. Overall, nice little lake for pike and some panfish. Please practice CPR, so this lake will continue to produce nice fish in the future. ***P.S. Don't forget your wallet, because it costs you three dollars to use the landing!
very slow fishing in summertime, also hard to find
Depends on what you go for and how you go for it. Bluegills and crappies it's as good as it gets when they're biting. It's fishing, don't always bite. Size last summer was obsolutely awesome. All were big Gills and very nice crappies. Hint, I used nothing but plastic on that lake. Northerns and bass (esp) are decent size, but I don't try for those much.
Great lake to fish during summer, but can be slow during the winter. Plenty of northerns and bass. Panfishing in the summer is great. Walleyes are hard to find, but are in there.
Fishing is very cycled on this lake. Overfishing has created a very slow ice fishing season this year. Please practice CPR.
This is a decent panfish lake. Seems that after it was published in the Milwaukee Journal for being a good crappie lake most of the fishing went downhill. Over the winter it looked as if a large number of the pan fish had died off. There were hundreds forzen in the ice.
Bonduel Conservation and White Clay Lake Sportsmen last fall stocked 2000 6 to 7 inch walleyes. We hope to add more every year. Good Luck.
Sand Bars Are The Best To Fish Around Here. Good Walleye And Nice Sized Blue Gill.
It Great For Walleye Right Now At Night Big But Alot Of Perch And Blue Gillis Is Fun
Exellent Size Gills In This Lake. Please Practice Cpr On This Lake.