Nelson Lake (Totagatic Flow) Lake Reviews
Sawyer County, Wisconsin

There are currently 15 reviews for Nelson Lake (Totagatic Flow).
Great fishing, the panfish bite is great even off of a 10ft pier! On of the better lake in the area for sure.
This a large body of water with excellent fishing. The walleyes are back and have been stocked for the past 8 years. Panfish almost jump onto the piers in the spring. Really fun to see anglers out and getting the catch everyday. Great structure and has lots of bays to get out of sun or wind.
Me and my family were going here for about 8 years and the walleyes started becoming fewer and fewer as the years went by. There is great fishing, however, for bass, crappies and panfish. You can also get the occasional northern. The lake has also been getting weedier every year from low water levels.
Good lake to take kids or people new to fishing, especially in July and August for largemouth and northern. Many, many, many decent sized largemouth and northern in this lake, which can be caught in any number of ways - Texas rigged plastic worm, nightcrawler under a bobber, rapalas, top-water buzz bait, hula popper, etc. Some bigger ones as well, although you have to fish for awhile to find them among the others. Good numbers of crappie can be caught drifting in the summer months with plastics and/or minnows, but on the medium to small size (9 - 10" common). Lots of bluegill to be caught drifting nightcrawler pieces in the summer months, but on the medium to small size as well. Walleye fishing is certainly not what it used to be 25 or more years ago. You'll find two sizes - either 10 - 12 inchers (which have been fairly recently stocked) or a very few lunkers (in the 20 - 30" range). In fact, my very first flag ice fishing up here turned out to be a 30" now hanging on my wall.
The decimated Walleye population will take some time to come back, (if it ever does) In turn; the Perch are small and great in number. This only hurts the chance of the Walleye making a full recovery, because, Perch eat the small struggling Walleye fry. The Crappies are also great in number, but are smaller than in years past. The thing that makes me angry, and many others who have fished this Lake, is that this destruction of the lake's ecological balance was caused by human mismanagement.
Great crappie fishing. WOW!!!
Big Wallaye Huge Numbers Crappie And Bluegill Golden Pond
Good Crapie Fishing
Excellent Walley And Crappie Fishing
I Love To Fish This Lake. Everything You Want
Caught A Lot Of Crappies In This Lake - Plus A Fair Amount Of 20"-25" Northern.
Excellent Bluegill Fishing And Good Size.
Best Place To Go Is The Dam, You Can Catch Your Limit Of Panfish In The Fall
Potential For Large Walleye. Leeches Early In The Year.
Plenty Of Fish In The Lake