Lost Land Lake Lake Reviews
Sawyer County, Wisconsin

There are currently 10 reviews for Lost Land Lake.
Lots of weeds and too much boat traffic. It's a great place if you like fishing slop. Oh, one more thing, don't expect to catch anything!
My friend Musky Rich and I have been fishing here now for several years. The lake continues to produce nice Muskies and a great shore lunch. The Musky action has improved along with the size of the fish. There are some monsters in this lake if you work for them. I give it a thumbs up!
I have fished here for 18 years. It is a good multi-species fishing lake, but the summer algae blooms have gotten worse in recent years. Right now, there is a very serious water table deficit all over northern Wisconsin, and this lake really shows it. It is 18 inches below normal, which is negatively affecting boat mooring, fishing for panfish around docks, and water clarity. I am hoping that this situation recovers.
Fished this lake in summer and winter, best lake in the state for consistent action. Something is always biting!
I have been fishing this lake for many years now and bar none this is the best Walleye lake in the state. I have caught a few trophies and my son Bob caught a monster over 10 pounds. The crappies are outstanding. I would recommend this lake to all.
I never was very good at fishing but this lake is beautiful! I enjoy going out with my buddies and watch them catch some pretty nice crappies. The musky even elude the best anglers, as I haven't seen a legal musky caught by my friends yet! I also like hanging out at the resort as the owners are very friendly!
Lot's of panfish along shore line. One of those lakes where the your next cast could be a record Muskie! Has some nice resorts also!(Just in case the fish are not biting!)
Nothing But Muskie And Tiny Panfish.
Great Walleye Lake, Run Small. Good Muskie Action Can Be Dynamite For Crappies.
Excellent Lake When Wind Permits Weed Choked At Times But Holds Definite Trophy Size Musky