Chippewa Flowage Lake Reviews
Sawyer County, Wisconsin

There are currently 42 reviews for Chippewa Flowage.
Fantastic lake that has a Canadian lake feel with the undeveloped shoreline.
Summer time time fishing on the Flowage is not what it was and I live in Hayward and fish other area lakes this time of year and do just fine. The big mega resorts and camp grounds add way to much pressure and boat traffic to this lake.
Fished all of last week bite picked up at bog on Sunday night and by Wednesday the bite completely shut down. Caught northern and musky in moss creek on spinners. Crappie were some of the biggest I've caught up there averaged between 10-13 probably caught 60-80 a day on minnows and Minnie mites. Found suspended fish on cribs but wouldn't bite much.
I haven't been on a lake in quite awhile that produces such healthy fish. Beautiful fishery!
Use to fish the Three Lake area, now here and what stands out the most is how healthy all the fise are. Great times!
Plenty of undeveloped shoreline for your viewing pleasure, takes a little while to figure it out as it's a big body of water but the fishing is excellent!
I. Love. This. Lake.
This wide stretch of musky-infested H20 is the BEST of the BEST in NW Wisconsin. Been killin' the 50" + muskies with my buddies TimV and Toby for years. Team Triple Threat. BFF
in late june of 12 we went over to the bridge and caught 100+ crappies and couple small walleye
Great lake just to be out on and see is OK.. but there are many monsters in the lake just waiting to strike
I have been fishing this body of water for over 20 years truly a great place. It can be tuff at times but that is when you have to change up and work alittle harder for the different spieces of fish. I try to fish this body of water two to three times a year during open water.
I have gone to this lake a few times now and I have found it to be an ok fishing lake. The only problem is that there are too many bluegills and not enough walleyes (between me, my brother, and my dad we struggle to get our limit of walleyes in a week.) It's not that there aren't any, they are just tough to find. It is also too weedy in a few places(probably since there's been no drawdown in the past few years.) On the bright side, there are plenty of big pike to catch by accident when walleye fishing.
10-25-10 tried many areas marked most of the fish in deep water was not successful
10-25-10 tried many areas marked most of the fish in deep water was not succssful
after 30 years the scenery is still beautiful. the fishing isn't as great as it use to be, but you never know when that monster will hit.
If you have trouble finding fish and don't want to pay for i guide try throwing blue-green spinnerbaits with grub tails in 3-10ft with weeds. If it is really slow try using jigs with small tubes for crappies. On the slowest day of the week i caught 10 fish off the tube jig including a 16in largemouth and a couple nice crappies and perch. The spinnerbait method the we used over the last 3-4 years produces alot of fish. 2008 everyday but one we caught over 30 fish over 10inhes with the largest being the 31in pike and 18in smallmouth. But almost any method will work on this lake if you use it at the right place and time.
Last year was the bomb here we caught everything and anything. We caught a bucket load of crappies off Sisko's, 15 and 18in smallies, 31inch pike, many muskies that broke off my friends line, and various others all on spinnerbaits in shallow water except the crappies. We even caught the walleyes off spinnerbaits in 3-4ft of water near dusk. All in all i still love this lake.
The Chip is Wisconsin's true gem. This lake is our last semi-wilderness lake and the fishing can not be beat anywhere. I feel like I am in Canada when I am here and the fishing is always good for something. The island camping here is second to none also!
This is a great place to fish... I got my biggest Muskie here in 2004...... (54 inches). I released the fish too.... Always pratice catch and release.....
I just started fishing this awesome body of water this year. It has immediately become my favorite place to fish in WI. Pretty much any kind of fish you are after, you will find here. The bonus is the beautiful country and great campsites!
fished the flowage for many years now. best muskie lake in the state, if you know how to fish it.
Best pike and panfish action i'v had out of any lake or river i'v been to.
dad and i went up fishing we raised a nice muskie that we guessed to be in the in 40 inch range raised on pocketbook when fishing for muskies here you will almost always catch litlle northerns about 10 inches long
Awesome walleye and crappie fishing stayed at Treeland and also hired guide Ron Burgman all money well spent will be up there many times next year
awesome northerns and perch had a huge musky break my line
A destination ALL serious musky fisherman must visit in their lifetime. Best known for being the lake that produced Louie Spray's world record 69# 11oz muskie. Potential world record muskie still swim these waters as jaws of enormous fish have been found recently.
June-July fishing. Million of crappie, good size to keep 10"-15" Just like dreamland. Fishing for smallmouth bass, I suggestion you try at 12 feet with lots of rock and use nightcrawler with jig. You probably catch a trophy smallie. 19" and 21" smallmouth bass.
Fishing from May-July is usually great! Good Crappies, bluegills, perch, smallmouth and walleyes in an excellent surrounding. My favorite lake to fish on! Been going there three times a year for 30 years and don't plan on stopping!
Very Good lake, Musky is bite during Aug to Nov!
Fantastic body of water !! You can spend a week here and not get to all the little passages and island bays. for northern with large bait (#5 Mepps) and you'll catch Musky too, as well as lots of Northern action.
Postcard Views!! Fish Can Be Hard To Find, But Worth The Effort. Consider A Guide!!
Great Opening Day In May Lots Of Walleyes In The 15" To 19" Range I Love It!
Best Year Ever Muskie Fishing On Lake Chippewa 3 Over 45" In 2000
Awesome Pike Action In June. 1 Small Muskie Last Year. Downsized To Tube Jigs!
Musky Action Very Poor Last Few Years. 34" MIN.SIZE Limit Is A Shame. Lake Needs Help.
One Of The Best Lakes In Wi For Large Fish
Best Muskie Lake In The Stateand WALLEYE.AS Close To Canada Inthe States As You Can Get
Clean, Uncrowded, Wilderness Shoreline,relaxed Fishing
Great Fishing For All Species, Got My First Musky Summer Of 97!
The Dead Sea
Best Walleye Fishing I´ve Ever Seen. Caught My First Muskie Summer ´99
I Usually Do Okay, But I´ve Fished The Chip Twice And Got Skunked Both Times.