Redstone Lake Lake Reviews
Sauk County, Wisconsin

There are currently 21 reviews for Redstone Lake.
Great crappie and a sleeper walleye lake and some muskellenge.Very good overall lake
Excellent early ice crappie and big bluegills.Section 11 is the best for pannies during the ice season.Excellent ice fishing off section 11
have caught several nice 5-7 lb. bass out of there in recent weeks, with a nice bonus musky every now and then. too bad the lake sees a high amount of boating traffic/jet skis during the weekends and summer months, there should be hours set for jet ski and ski boats use on the lake because they haven't got a clue on safe operation around other boats. should be stricter enforcement of no wake areas, entire section 11 area should be no wake all the way to the end. lake shore homes and development kind of ruin the appeal of the lake, so much for peace and quiet
Have been fishing this lake for 3 years, mainly for bass and walleye. There's a healthy population of above average sized bass if you know how to catch 'em. Maybe one day we'll target the Muskys.
Went fishing over the 4th of July weekend. A lot of boat traffic, but even when there wasn't the fishing was extremely tough. Boated a couple of small bluegill, otherwise nothing.
This is agreat lake for muskie,ealleye,crappie,bluegill and even pumpkinseed my dad and i fished for about 3 hours and boated a 32 inch muskie and snagged about a 25 lb carp
"The greatest quality of Redstone Lake, I believe, is that with every cast, one never knows what can possibly bite at the end of your line. Redstone has a nice variety of well stocked crappie, walleye, bass and musky. The fishing is fantastic in the Spring and early Summer. After June 30th, the lake is a challenge, but always beautiful to look at." -Dr. Spoon
It's not a review but a request on some bass info. My 17 yr. old daug. and I are coming up to fish redstone in two weeks. We fished on it about two years ago and thought it was a very good lake, that's why we're coming again. thanks herb262
Beautiful lake, I threw everything in the tackle box for three days last year and never had a bite, could be me.
Lake redstone is a lake offering a wide variety of cover and lake topography. It is extremely difficult to fish on the lower half (south) end of the lake due to its average depth and Rock walls. Fish in this area of the lake are hard to locate and stay on top of. The lakes abundant pleasure boat operation seriously hinders effective and precise fishing. I would suggest that the Lake Owners Association adopt some type of personal watercraft and pleasure boating time frame to allow the fisherman some time on the water without disturbance from jet skiers, water skiers etc.
Went A Year Ago And Caught A Limit Of Crappies In The Rain. Minnows Near The Dock
2000 Was A Bannner YEAR.....MUSKIE......BASS.....THE Fish Are Back And Getting Bigger.....
Great All Around Lake. Caught Plenty Crappie And Big Too.
Good All Around Fishing Lake.
Don´t Forget The Perch. Caught Some Nice One´s The Last Time We Were Here. Great Lake!
Very Clean Lake,but Are There Fish????
Awsome Crappie Lake!
Lake Has Been Producing 9-12 Inch Crappies In Past 2 Years
Largemouth Are Tough But There Is A Good Chance To Catch Fish In The Five Pound Range
Big, Big Beautiful Lake! Getting A Little Too Crowded By The Waterfall These Days! Go Home!!!