Devils Lake Lake Reviews
Sauk County, Wisconsin

There are currently 15 reviews for Devils Lake.
Excellent trout through the ice with small spoons.Great views and dont forget to by a annual sticker for state parks.
Excellent ice fishing lake.Trout and some walleye along with big northern make this a great lake period.
Nice fish SV it's probably a fish of a lifetime for you. Some of these sportspeople have to realize that the size of a fish or size of animal that is legally harvested is not what makes a trophy , but the experience of it is what matters. You had every right in keeping that fish.
This lake isn't bad but you have to have a boat and the right equipment if you are going after walleye or trout. I caught 2 hybri dc rockbass around 7 inches, 2 normal rockbass around 8 inches, a 9 inch and 6 inch bluegill and 2 footlong largemouth bass. These were all caught from shore.
The lake is deep and cold clear and I have never caught a single fish in this lake ever in the last 60 years. Only thing I see people doing here is scuba diviing. Maybe if a person was to take a couple sticks of dynamite along that would help.
Never caught one fish here!
I love to fish here all the time. Great trout fishing as well as northern fishing. Love the scenery, too.
Excellent trout fishing and nice quiet scenery.
I was out on the (dead sea) Devil's Lake last sunday the 26th fishing along the south end of the railroad tracks and over the weed bed in the south east corner of the south shore with tip ups and shiners without a flag. I have been fishing the lake since age 4 and have still not figured out the walleyes in that lake, and am still empty handed through the ice. I know this is one of the worst times of the year to go after those elusive "evil's lake eyes" but does any one out there have any ideas?
This is an excellent lake. The trophys are there, incliding northerns, walleyes, bass , trout and panfish. But boy do you ever have to work hard for them. That is actually good though because nobody can catch them so they get huge. My biggest brown from here weighed 8lbs. My largest walleye...22inches and my largest gill was 13" long!
Ice Fishing Great For Trout, Lots Of Huge Northern To Be Caught,all Around Great Place!!!
Try Trout Fishing At Night Or Walleys By The Tracks
Like Other Deep, Clear Lakes, Trophy Fish Of All Species Are Present, But Few Come Easily.
Great Lake! Perhaps One Of The Greatest In The Country! Good Rock Climbing, Fishing And Swimming!
Tough Lake. It Has Big Fish, But Because Of The Clarity, Nobody Can Catch Them.