Wind Lake Lake Reviews
Racine County, Wisconsin

There are currently 14 reviews for Wind Lake.
Good lake to fish on!
This used to be my favorite lake to fish for northern pike back around 6 to 10 yrs ago. Unfortunately, this lake is getting hammered way to much during the ice fishing season and most of the ice fishermen i have witnessed keep every legal pike on this once fine fishing lake. The reason for all of the low to mid 20 inch pike is not due to the overstocking of pike, its due to the fact that most ice fishermen keep every legal pike caught in this lake. i used to catch 28 inch pike or bigger on almost every trip casting in my boat or ice fishing. Pike were plentiful and robust. Now-a-days, your lucky to get them pushing 25 inches. Sad, but true. I hope fishermen realize that they are the problem with this lake. Trust me, i fished this lake alot over the past 20 years, and i have taken many friends fishing here. its all Catch and Release for all game fish species for us. Take care and spread the word.
Its weedy lake but there are some sweet spots on that lake! With the right bait, you will have a good day of fishing!
I've all but once fished Wind lake while ice seperates me and the water. Fall walleyes were a tough customer but 20 in northerns and 5 in perch are amazingly abundant during the winter months. Although a couple of my better pike have been iced here, I'm beginning to think that Crappies and Eyes are better suited to the "electronic" fisherman out there. IMO, there are way too many northerns stocked for any size to be attained. Could be a trophy pike factory if numbers were curbed.
The only lake in southeastern Wisconsin that I get skunked at two times in a row.
excellent walleye lake
I catch my limit of walleyes everytime out just go straight out from the boat launch about 150 yards and anchor in 8 ft of water and hang on !!!!!
Fishing is slow and probably due to water levels. Definetely not what it used to be!
lake just keeps getting better sand better wish theyd stock it with muskie would be a awesome ski fishery
excellant fishing for all species
im a local but had not been out because I'm afraid of ice conditions. Looks good now, just seeing if anyone is doing any good.
Lots of 10 inch perch. Not that many bluegills.The fish arnt stunted
Good weedgrowth for holding fish. Medium to large largemouths. Caught 1 17 inch and 1 20 1/2 inch 3 pounder. Also a 27 inch Northern Plus several snakes. 9 more strikes this morning. I feel this is a great lake!!
Excellant crappie and blue gill lake when you can find them! Nice northern pike, above average walleye fishery. Best panfishng occurs at first ice, spring time and late ice. Fish near the islands!