Unnamed Lake T03NR23ES06-03 Lake Reviews
Racine County, Wisconsin

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This is Racine Quarry Lake Park. A good place to take kids fishing, with a large pier and lots of small bluegills around it. Most of the shoreline drops straight off and is off limits - no trespassing posted by sherrif's dept - and they will fine you! I've caught a few LM bass casting along the weedy shore, but they were less than 10". I heard reports of perch, but not seen any. This is a Racine county park and urban fishing rules are posted. I asked a lifeguard about boats, and was told carry-in, non motorized is ok. I always see guys fishing the river just over the hill.
This lake has had problems with over-winter geese droppings that has affected water clarity. There was a die-off of largemouth bass that had DNR testing for the reasons this spring. If you want to catch trout, it gets a hefty planting from urban fisheries. I practice my flyfishing presentations for scappy rainbow trout and bluegills from shore for fun.