Eagle Lake Lake Reviews
Racine County, Wisconsin

There are currently 18 reviews for Eagle Lake.
The Gill still need some work but since the size limit change on northern, Ive had some of the best northern ever. You go up north you might get a few nice ones, on eagle I average 6 northern 35-40 inches. And the bass are plentiful and descent sized to. My wife does just as good if not better. For s/e Wisconsin you can’t beat your chances !
Ice fished last weekend, impressive girth on northern. Very shallow and mostly productive tip up fishing. Busy but spaced out enough so you’re not fishing on top of one another. Would definitely fish again.
Been fishing this lake for over 30 years. Even after all they have done to try n fix this lake it will never compare to how it use to be. I remember getting my limit of walleye but 7 am. Now all you will catch in this lake is 10-20 inch pike and a maybe a bass or 2. If your planning an outing for fishing I would look other places like wind lake or browns.
Basically this is a fun lake. 1 in a 100 fish (besides panfish) will meet the size. Since the kill off the lake has not been the same. Grew up visiting this lake and its just bad. You can catch fish here. But to catch fish that meet this lakes strict length and bag limit is absurd. Ive actually decided that eagle lake is no longer worth visiting after my last several trips. Its one thing to have such limits if there is a shortage of fish or if the lake provides the means to keep the fish. I mean if you want to go out and just feel a fish on a pole for some beginning anglers. Go there. its also a shame as the mortality rate for catch and release is what it is so it doesnt help the lake any when you catch fish all day and have to tear a hook out of them as gently as possible and hurry to put it in the water before shock hits. The boat fee isnt worth it to not have anything to put in the fryer. Sorry eagle lake this is one set of fees you will no longer see. Maybe a few years from now someone will post that its gotten better. But i fear restrictions by then may only get worst. An after the 2008 kill off idk. I wish i could give eagle lake half a star. An thats my experience on eagle lake. Sad to see the lake this bad.
usually have pretty good action here, but don't know about this fish kill that happened few years back. is water safe?
Awsome lake and unusual growth rates the last two times around.
Fun lake to bring the kids. Not alot of size but the northern hit just about anything. Havent had a bad day yet.
on 10/2/01 after the packer game we fished from 4 pm to 7 pm. we caught approximatly 100 perch. we were using ice jigs tipped with small minnows or small bits of worm. we never left our spot! approximate 4 ft of water!
Great bluegill/crappie fishing in early morning/late afternoon!! Caught a 12 incher 2 weeks ago.
Please release your large Bass and Pike.
Great Northern Fishing In The Fall
Great Pike Fishing Through Ice, People Please Put Them Back! Take A Picture.
Great Bass, What Muskie
Good Bass Has Anyone Ever Caught A Muskie
Can´t Seem To Find Gills Or Crappies, Any Suggestions?
Lots Of Good Crappies,cpr Will Keep It That Way
Good Eatin Gills/premo Boat Landing
Large Bluegillls And Many Walleyes