Butternut Lake Lake Reviews
Price County, Wisconsin

There are currently 6 reviews for Butternut Lake.
I have fished this lake five times and have five Muskies. Biggest Walleye was 21" and not many of them or any thing else. I love fishing this lake and look forward to catching more Muskies. I live in Menasha Wi if you would like a fishing partner for Butternut contact me. paulejen2002@yahoo.com I will pay for the gas. I don't have a boat. You don't need one to catch Muskies on this lake.
fishing has been bad not many walleyes in the lake
has potential for walleye and muskie but is speared nd recieves high fishing pressure so does not reach its full potential
Beautiful Lake! We fish this lake every year on our vacation in the area. Lots of potential for Musky, Walleye, Northern, and panfish. Friendly people and great resorts on this lake.
need a lake map.have been fishing this lake for over 5 years and have always caught fish.too many little muskies.wallys and smallys are a good bet for7-4-06.If not theres always the river naxt door.
Slaughtered Smallmouth On Leetches In SHALLOWS,2-5LBS.AVERG. Beautiful & Quiet !