Lime Lake Lake Reviews
Portage County, Wisconsin

There are currently 7 reviews for Lime Lake.
Can always catch fish at Lime lake, the problem is it's over fished. Tons of starving tiny panfish, bluegills mixed with pumpkinseed, Crappies are plentiful but very skinny, have caught many Pike out there too but mostly very small, only caught one over 20". There are quite a few largemouth Bass in there, on clear days you can see them swimming all around the edge of the lake I would say Bass are the only even somewhat quality fish left in Lime Lake. Don't get me wrong though, if you know where to find the panfish there are a few keepers, but be prepared to put work in and throw back almost everything. Every time i've gone out there I see many people pounding it year-round and they are always throwing dinkers back. I also Ice fished it last year a couple times and same story, dinkers.
Very poor boat landing. Lots of weeds in this lake.
Caught a lot of largemouth last summer, rattletraps great in cold water had about a 23 inch bass on a white spinner and my friend had about a 45 in northern on a spinner also, south side holds most bass
The little pikes are crazy after the rain but that all you kind of catch. Some bluegills but nothing big.
This is the best lake to produce 18 plus inch large mouth bass and if anyone wants to know my trick to catch them you have to ask me in my messages
Panfishing Is Awesome, But In Late Winter You Must Move To Catch Em´
Nice Pike Fishing In Winter...