McDill Pond Lake Reviews
Portage County, Wisconsin

There are currently 9 reviews for McDill Pond.
Its Illegal to fish here now...
Great fishing...but drained until spring to kill off weeds.
Great for northerns and bass, you just have to find the right spot. Also lots of bluegils and perch, great for fishing in the winter.
i like this lake alot ive fished here since i was about 4 or 5 and this year i was pleased with the bass i caught
It was a good little pond back in the late 70's and early 80's. But has drastically declined since then, due to weed growth, silt deposits and Old farts keeping poker chip size pan fish. I could catch and release 8 pike in an afternoon, back in the old day's. Now it's a struggle to get one flag! Was a great blue gill and jumbo perch lake with big bass and numerous pike, now it's a poor pound awaiting it's eventual death. The run off of silt will continue to fill up the pond until it will become Mc Dill swamp!
Lots of weeds. Fell through the ice, WATCH FOR SPRINGS.
Great fishing. A lot of decent pike and some big, also good place for panfish and small largemouth, with some being decent. In a couple of years should be good when they get done managing the weeds.
Damn Is Completed. Pond Is Refilled And Re-Stocked. Fishing Should Pick Up Soon.
Dry, Drained To Build New Dam