Lime Kiln Millpond Lake Reviews
Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

There are currently 3 reviews for Lime Kiln Millpond.
tons of smallies on crawfish crankbaits average 16 inches my biggest was 19 1/4 inch 20-32 inch northern on same bait
Channel Cats to 30" on sun-ripened whole or cut minnows. Smallies to 17” on #6 yellow Flatfish cast upstream around rocks and retrieved just fast enough to take the slack out of the line. The lure should barely wobble on its way down. - Cats and Smallies mostly above the millpond up to the Grafton Millpond dam. Walleyes to 5# (Released) on Rapalas, a # 3 Mepps or a similar-sized ABU Reflex. Old-Timers used jointed L&S Mirro-Lures. White Marabou Muddlers work for flyfishermen. The 5# fish was above the dam but most of the walleyes were caught below the island immediately downstream from the dam all the way down to the “Chips” below the canoe launch. If you have good waders or a small boat, try the next half block or so The Milwaukee River has always been a sleeper for Cats and Walleyes. The walleyes might be descended from released Lakes Winnebago/Poygan fish courtesy of a few very successful, dedicated, ice fishermen over the decades. The portions of the river below the Lime Kiln Park dam and at Waubedonia Park were always the best for Walleyes. The portion below the Grafton Millpond dam was the best for Smallies and Catfish. The Walleyes, Catfish & Smallmouths hit best in the evening but someone who is good with a flyrod can do well on the bass most any time. Good Walleye fishing depends on good water flow.
Tons of smallmouth on redtailed chubs