Willow Flowage Lake Reviews
Oneida County, Wisconsin

There are currently 23 reviews for Willow Flowage.
great to hear all the meat hogs talk about what a lake it used to be...hope you stay at the trout ponds. Don't kid yourself, Willow has been a great lake over 30 years for this fisherman.
Great scenery remote area to fish but too much fishing pressure and spearing has taken its toll. NO OFFENSE
Great lake beutiful scenery and wonderful for fishing.if you boat to an island ur better off doing that than in a boat. below the dam is a perfect spot. caught a 13 inch perch just of and island. 10 inch bluegill also.
The lake used to be A LOT better than it is now. The flowage has seen HUGE increases in fishing pressure the last 5 years. Also the lack of rain means less shallow weedy bays for pike to spawn which means less fish, alot less fish. It also seems the smallys have taken over and the walleye and crappie fishing has gone down hill dramticklly. It seems if anyone catchs a crappie of any size in the bucket it goes. Which is obviously not good for the fishing at all. Just my $.02 on what happened to lake over the last 5 years.
used to be alot better fishing lake. Fishing pressure and water changes have ruined it! good luck finding good water here. There still is some nice walleye here though.
good lake you just gotta find the fish
Very scenic. Very hazardous though you can be crusing at 25 mph in 20ft of water and the next second be strandad on a sand bar when going fast always try to stay on the river bed. Now fishing some nice size pan fish but not very abbundant you just have to find them but its really hard because that lake is huge usually have the most success fisjing for bluegills in north bay in early june
Nice lake as far as scenery. I only fished this a couple of times but don't think we'll go back. We did find some walleyes (14" - 21")in the weeds early morning and smallmouth / largemouth bass(10-18")around timber throughout the day. A couple of snake northerns were in there too. Too many people for us though. It seemed every bay, island and point had a boat sitting on it or in it when I was there in the middle of June.
One of the closest settings to that of Canadian shield waters. The fish population and size seem to be falling however. With the fluctuations in water levels, caution is always a must. Hidden sand bars can find you high and dry. As of April 25, 2006 we're at 5.1' below maximum. Should be similar conditions to those of last years opener.
Good walleyes if you hit it at the right time.. its been known to have some good musky action as well. Panfish have their years, sometimes its unmatched, sometimes not so good.. all around a good time if you want to catch some fish.
The willow is a decent lake, some days great but overall a 3 to 4 star lake
This is my favorite body of water in Wisconsin. I love muskie, and my first muskie over 40 inches i caught in this flowage. This flowage is also great b/c you can camp out and drive your boat to the one restraunt on the flowage. But believe me you get into some of those back bays and you feel like your in canada. O yeah great walleye, pike, bass, and bowfin yup bowfin lake. peace yo
Most peaceful place I've ever fished! The lake is so big many people can fish it w/out being in each others way all the time. Can't wait to go back this summer to see if their are any fish that bite. Was too cold this past weekend
exellent lake fishing is good for many types of fish
Excellent for Northerns & Walleye
This lake has a lot of structure that holds fish. There is a wide variety of fish so the angler can go after species he is interested in. The surrounding countryside is very pretty and the remoteness of the lake is of great value to those wanting "to get away" even a bit more. And there are some nice musky there! My son had one on for awhile.......
One of the best spots in the county!
The Most Beutiful Area I´ve Ever Been To!!
13" Crappies. Bring A Spare Prop. Lots Of Hazards When Water Is Low
Excellent Fishing For All Types Of Fish As Long As You Watch Your Graph And Fish The Structure.
You Don´t Have To Drive To Canada, Just Go To The Willow Flowage!!!
Wouldn´t Trade This Spot For Anything! One Of The Last Pristeen Areas In The State!
Very Scenic And Serene (especially During The Week). Walleges In Numbers.