Tomahawk Lake Lake Reviews
Oneida County, Wisconsin

There are currently 15 reviews for Tomahawk Lake.
Catch and release only on walleye
good if you can find fish there good but there is alot of other boats out there and it gets kinda chopy.
This is my favorite lake in the northwoods. Lots of fish with plenty of big ones. I seldom leave disappointed. Expect to find plenty of smallmouth bass, nice walleye, crappie, and big muskies. Bluegill and perch run small. The only problem is that there is too much traffic. It can be hard to fish on weekends.
Great lake if you can find where to fish
This lake is great. My little brother got his first bass and I cought 6 over 17 inches in one day.
This area lake deserves some respect. It is very deep and very clear with an abundance of fishng potential. If you are looking for one lake to fish the rest of your life on this would be it. A warning though. It is very big and has a ton of structure, so unless your planning on spending the first half of the rest of your life learning the lake, by a hot spots map.
Great Bowfin Fishing
This lake has alot of structure, and alot of different species of fish. Sometimes you never know what your going to catch. A real awesome piece of water, give this a try, you'll be back!!
Lot of panfish, bass, walleye, pike, and muskie. The best lake in the world!
Great Night Fishing Lake For Muskies . And Eyes
Lake Tomahawk Is Great For Northern Fishing
Great Walleye Fishing If You Can Find Them
Excellent Fishing, Clear Water, Wonderful Vacation Spot.
Small PANFISH..CAUGHT Several Nice SMALLMOUTHS..BUT No Walleyes Or Muskies