Squirrel Lake Lake Reviews
Oneida County, Wisconsin

There are currently 17 reviews for Squirrel Lake.
Great lake go on it a bunch in the summer. Every year I catch a mount worthy bass out of there.
I have fished on Squirrel lake since 1980. The Musky, Northern, and Walleye fishing is excellent and have never failed to catch at least one of the above named every time I have been out. There is also great smallmouth fishing as well as panfish. I would say don't go to this lake, but just for the sake of saving more fish for me!
Lake has begun to slow down and beware for those who don't know how to navigate
I guess I was there at the wrong time. We worked the north end hard and couldn't raise even a hammerhandle. Then tried for smallmouth but nothing doing there either. Didn't try walleyes or muskies. It looks like a good lake but not that day. Caught more fish in Diamond.
Great Lake...use your depth finder or print off the topo map and you should do well...
Great lake big smallies and really big muskies along with an everlasting amount of walleye in the 10 to 13 inch range
This is one of the best lake in the state of wisconsin (THATS MY THOUGHT). There are huge smallies and big muskies in this lake. Fish the weeds with black Bucktails.
great for pan fishing on the cribs-including small bass--have fished lake since 1974--musky fishing more difficult of late--to much pressure from musky tournments/
Just got back 9/2/02 Stayed at squirrel lake Resort it was the best fishing trip I've ever been on. Caught lots of pike on 12" pumpkin/chartreuse PowerBait.Walleyes on the cribs on Jig and minnow or leech,night crawler. Smallies on Mepps #4 plain gold blade with clear and sparkle trailers.
Smallies and walleye are on the cribs along with some occasional musky. Few pike in north end. Perch are by the east side of the island.
squirell lake has awesome fishing, we just got back on the 13th. the walleye action wasnt that great only one. but the smallies were awesome. got about 8 or 9. and one being over 7 pounds. i'd suggest to use a slip bobber with a whole night crawler with about ten feet of line. go in front of muskie shores resort and you'll catch some nice fish. pan fish were hitting, and someone caught a muskie right off the muskie shore dock. they have good cabin's but no a/c
Best lake I've ever fished. Tons of Pike and Smallies. Here's a little secret: Use Rapala Husky Jerks.
the walleyes are going slow right now but there is still some pretty decent action. 8/2/01
Good Lake For Musky And Smallmouth. Walleye Small To Much Spearing.
Great Lake For Smallmouth And Walleyes
Best Lake In The World
Great Spring Walleyes. Plenty Of Smallmouth Available