Crooked Lake Lake Reviews
Oconto County, Wisconsin

There are currently 12 reviews for Crooked Lake.
Nice lake, lots of features, catch alot of nice fish like a few 17" bass and a few 9" and a half inch gills, overall a great lake and its my go to whenever i want to go fishing.
Northern, blue gill and perch. Gotta find the right spots on the ice though. Average depth is 11 ft. Fishing the shelfs are your best bet.
i agree with you, boat traffic is horrible, but dont even try fishing this lake on the holiday weekends. the lake gets turned up from the in board boats, go on non holiday weekends , and you should be able to find some nice largemouth. say hi to me if u see me out there im in the blue princecraft boat. Catch and release eric
I have a cabin on this lake for 20 years now and up until the past few years the bass fishing was great. But in the past few years everyone one the lake decided they needed a big inboard speed boat. Now it is hard to catch a nice bass. If you can handle the constant knocking of boat wake you have to figure out where the fish are hiding. This lake is good for panfish and northern. The walleye population isn't worth fishing unless through the ice at night. Over all nice lake but to much boat traffic.
I own a cottage on here for 15 years now, great bluegill and northern lake, dont even bother if your lookng for walleye, Bass fishing use to be great on here, but due to all the boat activity and swimmers bass fisihng has not been as productive, but please catch and release any bass caught
There are Bass, Walleye, Northern, Bluegill, Perch, and crappies in crooked. Good through the ice if you are in the right spot.Good fishin in summer for good sized bass(catch and release)
I was there 1 week and caught 60 largemouth all in the range of 13-18in. the bluegill are huge, but couldn't find those walleye. Boat traffic is not bad during the week. Don't fish on Gilkey Lake I fished there for 2 hours and caught 1 bass. Bass Lake has the most Large mouth caught about 50 of the largemouth there. Crooked lake is for walleye and there are bass in there, but are harder to find. Even though my biggest bass I caught was in crooked lake "19 in."
There is a lot of boat traffic. There are alot of bass and good size walleyeif you are in the right place at the right time!
You can catch decent amounts of fish if you know where to fish. Way to much boat traffic.
Their Are Definitely No Musky Here. Ice Is Safe And Guy Caught 20 Crappies.
Very Busy Lake. Caught A Muskie There Over The Summer (my Second Ever)
Good Pan Fishing, Heavy Boat Traffic, Limited Parking At Boat Launch, Weedy & Shallow