Lake Tomah Lake Reviews
Monroe County, Wisconsin

There are currently 9 reviews for Lake Tomah.
Northern pike are starting to show some size. Crappies and gills are still on the small side. Perch just popped up last season and are just starting to reach the edible size.
Been fishing the lake a lot since the 2012 opener lots of small largemouth not unusual to catch 20-30 small bass in a couple hours.Lots of northern in the 18 to 28 inch range.great lake to take a youngster fishinf!!
Been fishing the lake a lot lately and have caught 21-24 inch walleyes plus stunted crappies,have caught some small northernout of it,seeing as how it is to be drained then KILLED off I would suggest one go hit it hard and see what you can get out of it.I like to fish it at nite,no idiots to bother you adn the fishing is better. Carp are all over I was using a spinner and all of a sudden something nailed my spiiner,got it to shore and it was a carp I accidently snagged...You can see them just on the top of the water at nite by the dam.
Bass fishing is under rated, have personally caught fish between 5 and 7 pounds here. Spring is by far the best.
A huge mistake they made stocking the lake with carp when it was redone. Millions of dollars spent and no fish(except carp) The locals has changed the name to Carp Lake IT Was alot better fishing before they cleaned it out, also has a Dam that release water from the bottom after the end of June the water is green from all the algae and smells, they would have been alot better to have a top release dam to atleast take the scum off the top This is how now to clean up a lake and spend millions of dollars on a sewer lake full of carp. Some people claim there is other fish in the Lake, but then again some in England claim to see "NEELY" the lochness monster
This lake sucks to fish because there are so many carp in the lake that it is hard to catch anything else. But there are a few good sized bass in there.
I have fished there a lot. I caught a lot of bullhead and carp, but there are lots of bass in there also. I find that the fish are always stirred up by sport boaters and skiers. good luck
It Was Fun To Fish And The Town Did A Great Job Of Cleaning Up The Lake!
The Lake Is Full Of Small Carp