Lawrence Pond Lake Reviews
Marquette County, Wisconsin

There are currently 24 reviews for Lawrence Pond.
Excellent walleye lake with 27+ fish present.Simply one of the best walleye lakes in central Wi thats underfished and managed properly
I've fished this lake ever since I can remember. It is great for bluegill and northern pike. You can catch them pretty much at will!
Our Family has been fishing this lake since the late 60's. It's always given us a Saturday night fish-fry yearly. Not only are the game fish abundant, but many pan fish & perch to fill the order for a group fish fry. Host's Jim & Dianne at "Tall Pines Resort" are the best! I highly recommend this lake for a fun fishing experience!
If you are willing to risk the stumps to the north you'll be rewarded with decent bass. We've stocked a lot of bait fish this year (2012) along with some bass. Walleye can be found throughout the lake but its hit or miss.
Same lake that I have been fishing for the last couple years. Catching lots of little northern, had some summer fun with the blue gills and bass. Walleye are in this lake however, I and most of the people I know cannot pull them out of it!!!
One of the best walleye lakes in Marquette county,with lots of fish over 20 inches.
this lake has taken a major dump in the last two years. no big fish, just little un-legal minow stealers. the panfish all have worms, and perch do not exist. And the land owners around the lake through rocks at your boat when you try to fish by their docks.
Best little lake in the world! There is no wake, that means not jet ski's and no water skiing. Fishing is moderate though, but you will catch fish. Your chance at a 6 pound Bass are way better than a 6 pound Pike or Walleye though. And make sure to stop at Tall Pines and Get a Fishing tip from Broady or Dianne.
Great lake for bass fishing. Have always had fun on this lake. I can not stress enough on catch & release. Keep a trophy if you want but crappies & gills are much better eating.
Fished this lake for only the 2nd time and caught several northern pike, bass and tons of gills. Gills were so easy to come by that we discountinued so we could concentrate on casting for the big one. Will definitely continue to fish this lake
I always catch something and I fish the lake several times every year. A good lake for panfish, bass, and northern. There are some big fish in the lake if you are looking in the right places. Still haven't found those walleyes that were stocked a few years ago...
One of the greatest Bass lakes I have ever fished!! All kinds of different structure and cover gives fish great places to hide. Perfect lake to practice plastic worm technique.
I was born here and have lived on this Lake for the past 22 years and can tell you I haven't found a better Lake for Great Fishing, Great Fun, and Great People! There is constant action and never a boring day. The ice fisheree we put on here is world class and keeps getting bigger year after year! You can keep your tourist traps and water recreation lakes and give me Lawrence any Day!
The lake is the best. Have never been stumped and never will. Very capable of producing a 8 to 9 lb. Largemouth. Have caught a few tha were 6 lbs. Bluegills and crappies are very abundant. Non stop action in this great lake. If you like to bass fish and have never been to this sweet little retreat you will die an old man and never have the chance to fish one of my favorite lakes.
Love this lake for bass, crappies,and walleye, in that order. The N.W. end in the trees is more than fantastic for bass and crappies, good size.
I have been fishing Lawrence since I was a child (25 years) and the fishing is great. You just have to know where to look for the fish.
Great Bluegills still. The northerns are still small and didn't catch any walleyes this year.
I was there for the fishery with my friend and we never fished there before and we were just looking to catch some fish but we actually ended with quite a few fish. It is great place to fish.
The Lawrence Boys Couldn´t Catch Fish If They Tried, Come To Harrisvill For Great Action.
Lawrence Is A High Quality Fishery, With Exceptional Numerous Numbers Of Multiple Game Fish.
Alot Of 1-2 Pound Bass. Where Are The "Big" Perch? Less Weeds Then Other Lakes Around Er Lakes
Alot Of 1-2 Pound
Bluegills Are Big, But Northern Are Small, And Bass Are Average Size.
Fishing Is Good. Bluegills Are Big, Bass Are Average, And The Northern Are A Little On The Small Si