Lake Noquebay Lake Reviews
Marinette County, Wisconsin

There are currently 25 reviews for Lake Noquebay.
No Muskys.
Very small bluegills, bass,northern and perch and lots of them. Not what it used to be it is 2 over populated and the fish dont get big anymore.
The Best bass lake i have ever fished. Opening day of fishing caught 14 bass all around the docks.
Nice landings that have everything, goodthing as they are very busy. Panfish WAY overpressured but still puts out some ave. bl. gill and crappies, the perch are pinky finger size. There are some browns but have yet to see a brook trout. Beware if driving on the ice in winter there are bad spots that you need to know about!
one of my favorite lakes. TONS of small northerns and great panfishing. If you try hard enough you can catch walleyes too.
Been fishing Noquebay for more than 20 years. Usually always been able to catch fish especially when we were kids when we were all going for the panfish. Since we've gotten older though we like to go for the bigger fish in the lake. Always been able to pick up northerns not huge ones only once in a blue moon. If you find the right place at right time you'll catch a ton of fish. Overall a good lake except during the days of Holidays way to many people and jet skis and power boats flying around that's the time to go golf.
I have fished this lake for 20 years and have to say that it is not what it used to be. Don't get me wrong there are fish to be caught but good luck finding them in all the weeds. Did I mention the jet skis and ski boats??? Good luck
I fished the lake last summer with a friend and his son. We caught all kinds of different fish and I even lost a muskie. This is a lake I would like to get to know better. The lake seems larger than the number of acres would indicate.
few gills one northern and couple smallies through the ice. reccomend going worth the trip good time.
havent fished it much, but i know theres many large game fish as well as large pan fish
Great lake if you can find the "humps"
No better place to bring the guys for a weekend fishing trip open water or ice! Big Bass, Northerns, Crappie, Bluegill...The list keeps going on and on!
One of the best for ice fishing. Saty away from the springs.
Very Clean Must Hunt For Weed Beds For Best Fishing
Besides Big Gills And Bass, Brown Trout, Muskie
Excellent Lake/ Giant Bass And Northern / Excellent Panfish/ Dont Forget About Walleye
Lake Noquebay Is A Great Lake For Everybody. It Has The Best Bluegills Around, And Many Of Them.
Fished This Lake For 40 Years! Clean, Beautiful, And Full Of Bass & Panfish!
No Fish
Lake Is The Best! Anybody Can Cacth Anything Easy! Kurty Doesn´t Want Anyone To Fish "his" Lake!
Best Lake Around Here For Gaint Bluegills
Fished This Lake For 15yrs And It Is Terrible!
Great Lake For BLUEGILLS.JUNE Also Great For Largemouth.
The Funnest Lake U Can Use One Lure And Catch Most!!!!!