High Falls Reservoir Lake Reviews
Marinette County, Wisconsin

There are currently 25 reviews for High Falls Reservoir.
Many Muskys.
Great Musky and Bass water.....when boaters are not present. Make water no wake.
Don't believe the hype that this lake will be like fishing in Canada. The scenery is gorgeous but the power boats and tourists are more numerous than the mosquitoes.
Fished here last summer and got a cooler full of large mouth bass and northern. we just fished in the shallows.
It's a pretty good lake for shore fishing, I always catch a bunch of panfish, Bass and an occasional Northerns.
if you want to watch boaters zoom by you and make wakes all day long this is the place to be 4 am to 1 hour aftersunriseto get fish before the hung-over people come back to abuse the waterway again
Crowded, overfished and way too many inconsiderate boaters/jet skiers. Should be a better fishing lake, but it just is not. Don't waste your time.
been going up there 29 yrs.DNR killed the fishing by draining the river 3 times in the past 20 yrs.To many crazy boat drivers that think a wake for there kids on a water tube is more important than safety!! Safety comes first.Please practice catch &release of panfish and trophies.
Great Walleye and Smallmouth fishing. Fish early or late, and know what you are doing. Have never had a bad outing yet!
Excellent fishing lake, scenic feels like Canada....
This lake is highly pressured all year round. Every time I have ever ben there it has been over crowded. The only place that you can really fish if in the no wake zones. I have fish High Falls about five times and never caught a fish.
To many boats, not enough fish.
This waterway is very abused by weekend fisherman and power boats. It has some nice places to camp with the kids but fishing is tough. This place looks like a zoo come ice fishing time but you can get the crappies if you can find some deep structure(sticks and stumps).
Muskie fishing was good but since the dnr destroyed the fishing by draining the lake we haven't caught anything
A lot of small panfish but haven't had much luck with walleyes or bass. Should plan to fish during the week because summer weekend boat traffic can be like the Normandy invasion, and it's getting worse.
Great Lake For Walleye And Largemouth Bass!!!
A Lot Of Panfish, Bass In Lily Pads, Abundancy Ofmusky And Northern A Long Weed Edges!.
Great Scenery, Excellent Swimming, Very Crowded In Summer
A Dead Sea In Summer. Not Even Panfish Biting. Go Elsewhere.
One Of The Best Smallmouths Lakes I´ve Fished! Let´s Keep It That Wy, Practice Catch And Release
This Lake Is Excellent / Walleye In Deep Water / Musky On Weedlines
A Quality Lake For All Species,so Much Structure It´s Confusing To Fish
Panfish Are Abundant. Also Many Bass, Walleye, And Northern.