Dubay Lake Photos
Marathon County, Wisconsin

Brian Abel - A great day catching a bunch of crappies 11”-12.5”
Brian Abel
Mckynlie Lang - The fish slayer...
Mckynlie Lang
Manny Green - 13 year old Manny 29.5 inch eye, Wayne 16 inch eye...
Manny Green
Curtis Veit - Catch and release.
Curtis Veit
Shawn Strasser - This sturgeon was caught from shore by the railroad bridge on 10/02/2011 just north of Meyers Landing on Hwy 34.
Shawn Strasser
Troy Fabry - CPR is the way to go. The pic to me says more than a wall mount!!
Good Luck to the next angler to tie into this bad boy.
Troy Fabry
Shane Saari - Great fishing with you Shane.  Had fun taking your pic all day
Shane Saari
Steve Kronshagen - Huge cat caught near Big Eau Pleine dam. There aer alot of these in there.
Steve Kronshagen
Kyle  Wojicechowski
Kyle Wojicechowski
Jonah Kluck - CPRed
Jonah Kluck
jonah kluck - caught eye fishin on drop shot rig
jonah kluck
Big City Bob Christ - Early ice is the best ice!
Big City Bob Christ
Jordan Donnerbauer - Last trip out before putting the boat away for the winter.
Jordan Donnerbauer
cold start
cold start
Troy Fabry - This fish was a blast.  Released so somebody else can enjoy the fight.
CPR is the way to go!!!
Troy Fabry
Cody Salzmann - Freezing day at Dubay.  UWSP College Tourney big bass. One of less than ten fish brought to the weigh-in.
Cody Salzmann
Troy Fabry - Had a blast! Thanks for the adventure Josh and Jackson
Troy Fabry
Dan Walsh - Boys Walleye Tournament
Dan Walsh
Troy Fabry - 
Thought I had a largemouth bass on.  Nice slabs
Troy Fabry
Sam  Wesley - My 2 boys And I had fun catching small walleyes. My older son was very happy to have caught the big fish of the day.
Sam Wesley
Brandon Marcis
Brandon Marcis
josh gross
josh gross
Josh Engel
Josh Engel
Phil Schweik - This is a 48 inch musky that I caught on Lake Dubay in September.  I dont have a weight of the fish as it was released after the catch.
Phil Schweik  www.hooksetters.biz
Phil Schweik
John  - took a nice size minnow and caught it on 8 pount test.
John  Breitzman - this is another fish I caught off my dock well I didnt catch it I shot it with my bow. Biggest carp I have seen in Du Bay
John Breitzman
Jesse Kohler - These are 2 of many crappies we caught this day
Jesse Kohler
wicoolman007  - here is another pic on my Big Pike
wicoolman007  - My pike I caught on Lake Du Bay
John  Breitzman - I loved the figh this fish gave me it felt like a had a train attached to my line. I was using worms on a dippsy rig just pulling it acrossed the bottom.
John Breitzman
Bob Christ - This girl C&Rd along with a 24 & 21er within 15 min. of each other
Bob Christ