Dubay Lake Lake Reviews
Marathon County, Wisconsin

There are currently 23 reviews for Dubay Lake.
Lake Dubay entertains me... Been trolling on it for 17 years... caught every species except Musky.. glad slot limit for Walleye is starting to payoff... fun catching big Crappies on boards when you can find them...gotta go fish on...
Ok lake saw people catch some but all i caught in 3 12 hour days was 2 walleyes of course the nice one un hooked itself when it got up to the dock i guess it was one of the not so good fishing weekends wen i got their only had a paddle boat so i couldn't acaually fish the whole lake.
if you can't catch fish on this lake you're probably better off trading your fishing equipment for a nice flat screen TV..
Good action late ice be out before 530 am fish turn off at 7
Great fishing. Like any lake, it can be challenging. But make no mistake, plenty of good fish here.
Caught fish in every spot we tried. Granted, not a lot of legals, but you can't beat the constant action. Awsome!!
One of the besta action lakes in the area lots of walley and crapies good bass lake. two words mud flats!
after fishing this lake extensively this summer and fall I have concluded that the dubay fishery is highly overated. The fish we did catch were of quality size but they were not worht the 600 casts it took to catch them.
man oh man!!!! moon moon moon....nevers fails to impress. u go there and i swear if u cant catch fish u better hit the drawing board. sweet spot for waltzinskies and perch ps. try the zip lure
aw man i must say this body of holy water is the best honey hole for wallys in the state. especailly by moon. good luck to all!
Great lake for walleye the slot limit is finaly paying off.
The icefishing is really good if you can find the fish
I love to fish here because this lake is filled with nice sized Pike, panfish, Walleyes, and catfish.
My favorite lake to fish; very good walleye action all year. Harder to find active fish in summer.
One of the top walleye fisheries in central Wi. Best times are Spring & early Ice. A tough fish during the summer months.
Tough lake to fish if you don't know it well. Excellent walleye and smallmouth bass fishing once you can figure out where to go.
You have to know where to catch the fish trough the ice caught many walleyes ice fishing.
Slow ice fishing lake. Terrific spring and fall fishing. Check out the catfish.
This is a very good lake once you learn the depths and lake. Lost alot of tackle but caught some nice fish. Would return to fish again.
Super Spring/fall Panfish Lake,if You Know It
You Have To Fish This Lake Either Early, Late, Or When It´s Cloudy, For Walleyes.
Great Walleye And Smallmouth Fishing
This Is An On Off Lake Somedays You Catch Em´ Some Days You Don´t