Big Eau Pleine Reservoir Lake Reviews
Marathon County, Wisconsin

There are currently 16 reviews for Big Eau Pleine Reservoir.
No fish dont waste your time to many people out all the time no fish left
Good walleye and crappie fishing depending on the year.
One of the best walleye lakes in the midwest that produces size and numbers.
Crappie BS it's great your catching a lot of fish. How much crappie can a person eat. According to your last posts you kept 77. I know myself and family of 4 if I get 15 with a mix of 8"+ gill and 11-12" crappie that is 2 meals.
Don't waste your time here...
this lake is still producing for me i have yet to not come back and have no fish on the ice and most of them are eyes
One of the best walleye lakes in wisconsin.Great fisheree that the dnr has done a outstanding job with.Lots of walleyes from 15 to 25 inches.
good summer lake for walleys and perch. good ice lake to for a veriaty of fish some deep holes and drop offs.
walleyes are small and hard to find
The Eau Pleine is a great place to fish. I always catch a variety of fish. Ice fishing right now is going good...Lots of walleyes. A few Pikes and some Jumbo Perch. The weather is tough but its worth it.
was out for the 4th time this year, started off kinda slow but i had tip-ups set in different depths. thought i would do better in deeper water but what do ya know i started nailin them in about 4 feet of water. caught about 20 nice perch a few eyes around 20in and a respectable pike around 27. not a bad day for only fishin about 2 hours.
These waters always seem to produce fish no matter the conditions. The only reason for the four and not the five is when gun'n for walleye, 15 inches is something you have to work for. Though there have been times when all I caught were 16-20 inch fish. Ya just have to spend your time out on the ice\water. Good Luck!
If you Know the water well the big walleyes aren't tough to find. A Schoolmate pulled out 2 21inch walleyes opening day.
You can catch alot of walleyes but they are all 9 inches
This Lake Be A Trophy Walleye Lake With A Slot Limit
This Lake Be A Trophy Walleye Lake With A Slot Limit