Cedar Lake Lake Reviews
Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

There are currently 13 reviews for Cedar Lake.
great northern and gills. some nice bass too.
My Dad and I went out on it at 6 in the morning and caught a pile of crappies with a green twister tail
I've lived on this lake for 10 years and constantly fished it with my younger brother. My personal bests for largemouth bass are 24" during ice fishing, 24" after the ice is off, and 23" in summer. My brother's is a 22" hog during the summer. The secret to large bass during the summer months, is to fish late at night with a maple leaf spinner bait along the shores. When I mean late, I mean 10:00pm to 3:00am. Before any boats are on the lake. During the day, it gets too rough due to boat traffic. For ice fishing for large bass, I fish the eastern shore, about 50-100 yards off with tip-ups and shiners. Nothing but nice bass and northern. There is not that many walleye in this lake, but the ones that are in here are "BIG". They are very hare to catch because to the lack of structure. The best time and location to catch them are off the two major points that are rocky, and have drop offs. They are also great for crappie. Be patient, but don't expect it to produce like a true walleye lake.
not a lot of fish but good size
One of my favorite lakes to fish!
Quality bass lake. Theres lots of big bass and lots of average sized pike. Panfishing is good too, but mainly bluegill, not alot of perch or crappie but they're in there. There are LOTS of bull head, and are very easy to catch, especially at night. Overall a great lake but too many boaters during summer which doesn't help the fishing.
ok lake early spring, tons of freakin turtles,
Not bad icefishing. Small northerns and an occasional bass here and there. Still haven't found where the walleyes are. I'd suggest fishing anywhere from 15-20ft to find them.
Excellent bluegill fishing, caught about 20 gills including a big 9 incher, also got a couple of perch and 3 or 4 bass. One of my favorite lakes.
Great Blue Gill Fishing In Summer During Spawn, We Caught 20 6-10 Inch Bull Blugills
Excellent Lake With A Wide Range Of Fishing And Boating Activities.
Caught Some Bass 12 To 15 Inches On Minnows. Watch Electronics
Good Lake To Have Fun With The Family. Lots Of Boaters On The Weekend.