Yellowstone Lake Lake Reviews
Lafayette County, Wisconsin

There are currently 19 reviews for Yellowstone Lake.
Pea soup during summer is churned up by rec boaters on weekends, fishing is hit or miss, DNR / LOCAL gov more concerned about $ than health of lake
Just wanted to say nice comments by Trapperguy and walleyepro. I too have been fishing that lake for 30yrs. I will say there are some nice quality fish in this lake. Just don't think there is a lot of them. Not sure when the last stocking was or how you can find out. I still think they are losing a lot of fish over the dam. I have already seen over 40 inch musky below dam this year. I caught a 4 pound bass on Monday by the bridge. As for the boaters I guess you let them have their weekends.
Not a lot of lakes around the area, which explains the heavy rec. boating on weekends. Just avoid peak rec. boating hours (11 am until 7 pm Friday through Sunday) and you will not be disappointed. Plenty of good pan fishing, especially crappies. I fished there sparingly when I was a teenager (2003-2008) and always had decent luck. I started fishing there heavily in 2012 and have not been disappointed although I had heard many negative things from the years I hadn't fished it. Plenty of trophy game fish such as largemouth bass, walleyes, northern and muskies. The lake is small, so once you get to know the hot spots it is always a good time.
The lake has too many speed boaters during the warm months. So it is hard to even sit and fish in a spot without toppling over in your boat. On top of that the water is a nasty green and fish are really hard to find. They say there is a lot of fish but after the kill off a few years ago I think there is pretty much nothing left.
Fished here a few years ago. Caught 1 walleye, few bass, and plenty of bluegills.
I fished right below the dam and I caught some nice bass, bullheads, and some giant bluegills (many were around 7" some were 8" or 9") Use pieces of nightcrawler on a bottom rig. There is great access there too.
Not as good as it once was. Boat traffic on weekends is terrible. Night bite for walleyes is still good, but get off the water before 11:00a.m. on the weekends
I only rate this a 5 because I caught a 39 inch 18 lbs northern through the ice here last winter the weekend before the fisheree!!! lol.... I will post pictures when I have more time. Also I was down here on 6/1/05.. I limited out on crappie in a hour so did my friend.
Lake is starting to come around.
Not bad, 1st time there, stayed 9/5 - 9/7 03, camped in state park, very low boat traffic after labor day weekend, good wood buy for campfire as you enter the park on the west end, bait shop owner with ample info on fishing all you have to do is ask and he'll provide, great camp sites we reserved site 104 which is a good site once there we searched for better ones for next trips, boat ramps in good condition. Fished Saturday morning from 8:30am to around 3:00pm got to hot, boated around 60 crappies between the 2 of us (my son and I)biggest was 11 1/2 and average was 6 to 9 inches, wind out of the west blowing pretty good, was fishing the face of the dam along the fish cribs using minnows on slip bobbers and 1/32 oz chart jigs with white twister tails about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long on adjust-a-bubbles. Went back out in the evening, not as much action, wind died down, took boat out after dark continued fishing from pier in front of bait shop, a few crappies on minnows, bullheads on worms fished on bottom, going back again the weekend of the 20th.Sunday was just to hot lazed around campsite took out time breaking down and went home.
great for boating -5 bad fishing-0
I enjoyed this lake and caught some bass. There are still other lakes in the area that offer better fishing.
Yellowstone can produce a lot of 9-12 inch crappies. Fish the downed timber on the south side of the lake. Popular methods include small tube jigs,slip bobbers with minnows,or ice jigs with wax worms.
Catching walleyes 18-21" bass 12-20" catfish all sizes, fishing best when worked around rec boaters, 5-11 a.m.- 8-10 p.m. This lake is hot now for above species. Leech bite on walleyes and catfish, deep diving baits on walleyes working. Catching bass on buzz baits, plactics fished off rock shoreline. People need to quit complaining about boaters and fish. Lake is in best shape for all game fish since I started fishing it in 1960. Slot size for cat wally and bass of 12-15' allows for some great catch and release fishing.
If you like Bullheads, this is the place to go. Good camping and if your lucky, you can catch a nice bass.
Plenty Of Room For Both Fishermen And Boaters
Catch & Release On Most Species. Still Lots Of Small Bullheads. Good Shore Fishing.
Was Once A 5 But Poor Resource Mgmt. & Local Govt. Has Ruined This LAKE.TO Much Rec. Watercraft.
Lake Is In Rebuilding Stage Catch And Release Only Great Potential, Great Camping