Lake Onalaska Lake Reviews
La Crosse County, Wisconsin

There are currently 10 reviews for Lake Onalaska.
I went to school at UWL. Spent most of my time on the lake!! It is the best lake I have ever seen. Big gills along the dredge area is a blast!
I live a couple miles from this lake, so I fish at least 3 times a week. It's pretty easy to catch good sized fish by joining groups of people, just get to the spots early before to much fishing pressure turns them off. There is enough ice to drive on right now, but don't get mad at me if your truck falls thru.
Caught some 2 lb bass and small pike near the spillway on the Eastern side of the lake where it meets the Black River. Haven't tried the ice fishing yet but I hear it's good too.
Great gill fishing, bass are very active too, have caught some good sized bass on that lake
Lots of small fish. Take the kids out they will have a ball. Fish 7-9 foot of water 1 to 2 foot off the bottom. Find a spot next to the weeds have fun.
Born & Raised in Onalaska, if you want to fish a great fishery in Wisconsin, this is the place. It is truly Gods country, very scenic and great people. Bass,Crappies,Pike,Pan Fish it's all here. Book your Next Trip to Onalaska/La Crosse area, you will not forget it.
This lake never stops.....if you ae looking for plenty of huge crappies, this is your lake to try. It never fails me when I visit.
Great Place To Fish. The Fishing In Fall Is Amazing
This Lake Is Filled With Fish!! If You Know Spots Good Fishing
A Wonderful Place To Fish And Soak In God´s Beauty!