Paddock Lake Lake Reviews
Kenosha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 9 reviews for Paddock Lake.
Been fishing Paddock for 20+ years. It has a couple of cool things going for it if you like bass fishing. It's a smaller lake so not a ton of boat traffic. (Slow no-wake till 10 each day). There are some really nice largemouth in there. We've caught them up to 5 lbs over the years. Really weedy, so not a lot of crankbaits, etc. But a great lake for spinners, plastics etc... They cut the weeds all week, so there are some great open areas, the bass cruise through after the cuts. Mid-summer we seem to get the largest fish on the dropoffs after about 8 A.M. If you can wake up early enough we've gotten some nice ones right up on shore. Fun little lake. You do have to walk about 1/4 mile from your car to the boat. So have two people or trust that nobody is going to grab your boat.
This is an excellent lake for northern and walleye. ice fishing season is always a fun one. jet skiing is a must. beaches are beautiful to bring ur girl to.
Small Lake. Only help I can offer here is that don't waste your time unless your a member of the "association." Nice launch if your a local member other wise you'll get towed. Didn't even get my prop wet.
Ilive in town great fishing in the early spring, could be a great lake to many skiers,and of course those jet skies....
fish here every summer. great bass fishing. wondering if any body knows where to find the pike. tried all over and never found any.
It Is A Great Lake For Bass And Northern In The Summer, And Panfish In The Winter.
This Lake Is Great For Big Bass, Alot Of Bluegill Great For The Fams.
Lots Of Bass Big Gills And Crappi Lots Of Weeds