Castle Rock Lake Lake Reviews
Juneau County, Wisconsin

There are currently 14 reviews for Castle Rock Lake.
Good spot to fish certain times of the year. Boat traffic here is heavy. If you want to fish the river on a Saturday, good luck as people with yachts want to run the river when the channel is only 25 yards wide in some spots. Lake is nasty green from July through mid September. There are better fisheries within the state and a lot less traffic in the summer
The lake has always had wind erosion to contend with. Now there is extensive boat traffic that is causing extensive erosion of unprotected shores which fills in the deeper holes. Along with modern technologies and winter draw downs are decimating the sport fish populations. IMHO. Joe Due
This lake is a proven producer for big pan fish! I have caught just about every species of fish on this big brown lake! I even caught a five pound catfish on my jig pole through the ice one year! If you haven't fished this lake in the winter, be cautious. The ice can be "tricky"! Plus it is almost always windy! We have had to chase buckets and shacks across the ice! Good luck!
I've fished this lake for 35 years. The fishing is getting progressively worse (walleyes, crappies, bluegills and smallmouth)with all the shoreline development,heavy fishing pressure and the overpopulation of white bass and sheepshead. It's a real shame. This lake used to be one of the best.
Water was really really brown because of the rain but fish were hitting in shallower water on minnows. Great lake to fish
Last summer took the whole family here and had great success in the middle of summer. Caught about anything just fishing the bottom w/ nightcrawlers. Many white bass 3lb and bigger. Going back this year in a couple of weeks.
great for crappie.set out a couple of flags with medium shiners if your timing is right you will have a good day
the fish here are few but they are big , well worth your time
i have fished this lake for 35 years, and the walleye are making a come back. Small mouth and pike are good also.pan fish always good. i would recomend you try it. i'll be back up in March.
Castle rock lake has been a wonderful place for walleyes. I caught a 4.5 pond walleye, on a floating jig (green). so keep on trying there are big fish in that lake.
Caught some monster smallmouth bass on the main lake. The backwaters are weedy and never hold fish. I really like the walleye fishing that this lake offers.
Fished castle rock lake for first time 24 jun 2001. Lake and surrounding area is beautiful.
Fantastic Lake With A Variety Of Hotspots: Rivers, Bridges, Dams, Man-Made Islands, Etc. Fantastic!
Trophy Crappies,outstanding Panfish, Abundance Of Eyes And Future Trophy Northerns