Rock Lake Lake Reviews
Jefferson County, Wisconsin

There are currently 30 reviews for Rock Lake.
Rock Lake is great for almost any type of fishing just not muskies. Every time i go out on Rock i come back home with a good amount of fish. A great spot is off of Sandy Beach for panfish. A great spot for bass is over in the pencil weeds on the west side, there is some good action over there. don't really know a good spot for pike but they seem to be almost every where.
Awsome spot to fish. Good on perch, gills, bass, and pike. not a week ago my friend caught a 18inch largemouth
After fishing this lake all my life I know where and when to go to certain areas. Seems like we always have a successful day of fishing. Good size fish and beautiful colors for all species!
great for panfish.not to many bass.
Nice clear lake with huge walleye!
bunch of small walleye and two many sheeps head
Nice pike during ice fishing. Caught lots of perch and crappies in middle of lake. Some walleyes after dark. Watch where you walk on the ice or it could be the end to you.
Decent bass population but sizes run small to average. I think the size limit should be increase to 16 inches
this lake is cool my friend and I caught 6 smallies, ton of perch, and a few walleyes.
At Rock Lake I caught a 6 1/2 pound bass! It fought to the last inch. I was using a 1/2 pound spinner bait and I hammered it about 30 yards. out from shore. So keep your hopes up and keep on trying!
Make sure you ALL practice catch and release. One of my favorite lakes to fish. Many big fish hiding in this lake. Good Luck!
how is the bass fishing guys
With more catch and release, this will be a good lake. Last year I caught a 4 lb. smallmouth on a Jitterbug.
There are so many gar in this lake it is amazing that the panfishing is as good as it was last year. Caught some huge crappie and very nice sm bass. Pike are average size i thought. Like how clear the water stays during the year.
Rock is a quality fishery. Awesome panfish and Bass. Esox anglers, Trophy pike roam these waters too. Muskies are hard to come by but they will make their presence known. Gold is the magic color here. Lunker bass like muskie lures. Dont let anyone tell you there are'nt muskies here, they were stocked back in the 80's. Looking foward to opening day, see you on the water!
What was a premium fishery is now just a average lake.. needs dnr help.. fish are stunted from no catch and release..lots of small fish but not like it used to be.. please practice catch and release and this lake will come back.
Fishing is great water is clear during the week its quiet
The smallmouth bass in this lake are huge. Last year, my family caught 2 fish that were over 4 pounds!
Very good SM Bass lake with good numbers and fish to 20", Good LM Bass lake with fish to 24" but most at the 15" line, excellent Big Pike lake... to 40+", if you know... and a Super Carp lake, many in the 20lb class...Many! , excellent Panfish lake with big 'Gill's and two super year class of perch on the way, Average Walleye lake with many present and even a few in the mid 20" range but for low light hours presentations... Musky?!?!? I'll be look'n for them....
Fish the "piramids" at dusk with a jig and minnow. Caught 5 in 1 hour. Great lake, but you have to be patient.
Walleye Fishing Great Early In Spring. Most Troll 10-12 Ft Along North And South Shores.
Work A Bit And Be Rewarded With Awesome Summer Heat Smallies!!!
Musky!!!!! Several Big ONES.CAUGHT One @ 50" 29lbs This Summer! Awesome!!
Very Clean Lake, Good Bass Fishing Once You Find Them And Use The Correct Presentation
This Is The Best Lake, Night Fishing By The Reeds Is Outstanding, Overall Great
Huge Gills, Have Caught Several 11-12" Bass Mostly 1/2" Under But They Are There. Work For Them.
Huge Blue Gill
High Quality Panfish And Good Bass Numbers From Shore Or Boat.
Bass Abundant But Stunted. Great Panfish Lake When Found
This Is An Excellent Bass Lake! You Just Have To Know Where They Live!