Lake Ripley Lake Reviews
Jefferson County, Wisconsin

There are currently 18 reviews for Lake Ripley.
Fun lake to ice fish. Plenty of bass, perch, northern, and walleye
any walleyes on lake ripley?
One summer day I was using crawlers and having no luck while my buddy casting in the exact same places using a Mepps Aglia was just killing these bass left and right, really decent sized ones too, 15-22 inches. Also, while night fishing we discovered by shining a flashlight in the water that my bait was being taken right off the hook without any indication by these huge Gar fish. Didn't even make my lighted bobber move a bit, they are master bait-stealers(you can smile at that!) So if you keep losing your worms mysteriously while fishing on Lake Ripley,'s most likely gar fish, not sure if they come out in the day, but at night they are quite active and there seem to be a lot of them.
spring fishing is good and the water is clear but tubers and skiers muck up the water. lots of carp spearing and bow fishing in the spring too on the side nearest to Hwy 18. Ice fishing gives up large walleye and definitely worth while 30+ northern. Blue gills are all year around by the shore and pears along with good bass casting in the 5-10 areas. Full list of fish I know for a fact reside in these waters: long nose gar, carp, blue/pumpkin seed,rock bass, small/large mouth bass, yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, very few channel catfish.
Nice lake but needs some serious work on the public launch! How do you really expect me to take my 21ft ski boat off the trailer in 3ft of water and not use the motor? Seriously? I'm sure its a great fishing lake but after the wake restriction is lifted at 11am the water becomes as choppy as Lake Michigan. Boaters pulling tubers need a class on boating etiquette, not to mention they are going to hurt somebody as they get too close to other boaters. On a good note the swimming beach looked top notch!!
MANY bigger than palm-sized Bluegill and Sunfish. Several Smallies of average size. Nice "No-Wake" rules until 11:00 am daily and all day Tuesdays.
Only god can catch fish on Lake Ripley.
Decent fishing....... Nice largemouth bass
Great lake to hit in the spring for Bass and PanFish. Never had any luck catching walleyes and pike. Dont get out there enough but plan to this year.
Excellent lake for bass in spring/summer. Fish along the drop offs off of the bars. Fish drops offs that go from 8 or 10 feet down to 15 to 20 feet. This is where you will catch the majority of bass and walleye. If you would like to try northern, find the real steep drop offs that go from 8 or so feet down to 20 - 30 feet. Vertical jigging with large suckers really pays off. This is also an excellent spring/early summer lake for bluegill. You will catch some real nice slabs. Fish the shoreline that has a decent break line. Mayber 6 to 8 feet dropping into 10- 15 feet of water. Fishing with night crawler or small minnow is very effective. Grubs are also effective. There is also a large population of white bass in this lake. Most of these white bass are constantly on the move. Look for birds and white bass schools following the minnows. You can't miss it, the water looks like it is boiling when the white bass are on the move. Minnow lures such as rapalas are effective for the white bass. Good Fishing! Tim
This is a fabulous lake for pan fishing, I'v caught some large crabbie from this lake, and the biggest largemouth in my life, 6-1/5 lbs, 22 inches. Go talk t Mike at the Lake Ripley Marina, off of hwy 12 on Marina Lane. A good man to deal with.
This is an overall wonderful lake. Very clean and clear all year round.Nice size bluegills, and walleyes present.
Great lake for panfishing and bass.
Early morning casting using a silver spoons along the eastern shore has been successful. Caught northern and bass. Good Fishing!
Clear Lake, Lots Of Big Fish To Be Caught, Love The No Wake Rule, Nice Boat Ramp S-Side
This Lake Does Have A Public Access, On The South Side Off Hwy 12. Nice Park & Beach
I Like The Lake , Because Thier Is A No Wake Rule Sunrise Thru 11 A.M. Nice Place To Relax