Lake Koshkonong Lake Reviews
Jefferson County, Wisconsin

There are currently 11 reviews for Lake Koshkonong.
Koshkonong has treated me very well over the past 15 years... Ice fishing is different from year to year depending on the water level, spring and fall walleyes fishing has been exceptional for the past 10 years. I'm proud to be a Kosh local ; )
Every time I go out I am glad I did.
awesome white bass fishing
this lake can fool you. you put your time in it can be very rewarding with some awesome fish!
This lake offers a chance at a real trophy fish. Walleyes are starting to get really small, but pike are still good sized.
Can be hard to fish. Stay mobile use tip ups and shiners. And dress warm.
Excellent walleyes, whitebass, and northerns. Crappie and catfish populations appear to be down. I love this lake. Some people call it the dead sea. It is far from it.
Awesome Icefishing Walleyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Great Lake
Ok Lake For Icing Walleyes,just Stay Away From The Crowd. Forget Jigging,use Tipups.
Good Catfish And Walleye Lake Can Be Difficult To Fish At Times