Blue Spring Lake Lake Reviews
Jefferson County, Wisconsin

There are currently 19 reviews for Blue Spring Lake.
Caught a 14 pound northern and a 5 pound largemouth all on fatheads in Mid November 2016 . The week before we caught a couple of giant crappie pushing 16 inches.
This is a great lake to spend the morning on. There is no wake til 10:00 am. After that hold on. Good bass and panfish, nice pike too. The water is usually pretty clear and the weed are not too bad.
bluegills are small but ok
AWESOME lake for largemouth bass fishing first year i fished it and caught 16 fish over 18 inches with plenty more in the 14-17 inch range. Just absolutely a fun lake to fish. There are even some Smallmouth bass in this lake i caught a 17.5 incher and a much smaller one. it was a suprise to see them in here.All around fun especially in spring just got out in the middle of the lake throw a rattle trap and you will caught over a hundred bass a day.
One of my favorite southeast Wisconsin lakes. Mixed bag of fish. Some days can produce good size bluegills, perch, crappies and largemouth. Almost always catch fish all day. Wednesdays are slow no wake all day (until 3:30pm). Worth the long walk to park.
blue spring lake is a good lake to go fishing on. you might catch alot of little ones but once in a while you can get a big one
this is one of my favorite lakes to fish. in the mourning before 10 am or on wedsdayits a no wake lake.its nice to have a day you don't have a yahoo zoomin by every 30 seconds.the lake is a great all around lake
Excellent fall Look for Bass (real nice bass) along the drop offs. Lot of 3 to 4 pounders. Bait to use is a large fathead (about 5 to six feet down) on a bobber. Hold on. This is also a good lake for northern. I find driftig across the lake with a fathead most effective for northern. Use small fatheads for crappie. There are a lot of crappie in this lake. The crappie keep getting bigger. In spring summer using spinners is very effective for bass and northern. Good Fishing!
Grew up fishing on this lake. Not like it used to be, but still good. Summertime shorelines and mid lake stumps great for Bass. In winter look for Pike on the north side holding in deeper water. In winter it's hard to catch a non-legal pike.
Good panfish lake and should be considered to fish. Lots of bluegills ice fishing and caught myself a fish fry. Only one problem with the lake; the parking is a pain in the rear.
Jumbo perch on weed line jig with a vertical jig and at least two to three waxies or a variety of waxies and spikes. If you are looking for tip up action rig your tipups up with 4 to 12 lb.test on a size 12 to 14 trebble hook or a size 10 to 12 single hook. Use small fateheads or rosie reds. Entire lake is pretty good for perch. Small gills all over but if you put your time in you will catch some bigger ones.
Excellent Lake For Pumpkinseed/Bluegill, Black Crappie, And Sunfish
Great Ice Fishing For Kids, Fast Action And Quite A Number Of Bluegills.
Great Fishing Nice Northerns,3 Lb. Bass & Lots Of Panfish. Parking Is A Pain!
It´s Definitely Worth The Walk From The Parking Area Also I Caught Some Nice Perch Last Summer.
Excellent Action For Bass/pike. Large In Numbers, Small In Size.
My Favorite All Around Lake. I Just Love It.
Great Largemouth And Bluegill Lake, Worth The Walk To Park Away From L;anding
Fish With Whole Nightcrawlers On A Single Hook Or Red Or Purple Artificial Worms For Largemouth