Boot Lake Lake Reviews
Iron County, Wisconsin

There are currently 6 reviews for Boot Lake.
Fished this lake for the last three years and have had good days and bad. I have never had a bad stay at the Birches lodge and Keith is a great host. Try one of his pizzia's there great.
A lot of muskies in this small lake. 50" is not uncommon. The Birches resort is great and reasonable. Fish the shoreline and the weed beds on the East side of the lake.
Great lake to fish, good walleye population, great for perch, and muskies seem fairly common and can achieve good size. The Birches is a standout place to stay with great owners, the other resort I would avoid....
A beautiful lake with alot of fish. "The Birches" is a standout place to stay
Big Muskies And Walleyes Great Resort The Birches Caught 38 In Muskie
Quiet, Peaceful, Lots Of Big Ones, And A Great Resort On It ´ The Birches´.