Puckaway Lake Lake Reviews
Green Lake County, Wisconsin

There are currently 41 reviews for Puckaway Lake.
Used to ice fish this lake back in 1970's and early 1980's.Even remember old man Holland from good ole days.Great fishing.Sounds like you people are working hard to keep the lake great.Taking the carp out helps.They did it 40 years ago and fishing improved.Keep up the good work.
Bad lake that has zero structure and lots of trash fish
I was on lake with 16 ft boat ,waves hit the boat ,turn the boat around going back from where i come, yes can be dangerous,have to learn to drive the boats in waves
Even on a bad day this lake beats most. The catfish are excellent out of this lake and normally I'm not a catfish lover. Hopefully that 2015 shad explosion fattens up the walleye and pike.
Had a great time fishing Puckaway...six adults, including three women who have never ice fished before...shallow lake took the fear of 'falling through the ice' away...sixteen inches of ice...four feet of clear water...this was perfect for the forty seven perch we hauled in...nine to twelve inches in length...who doesn't love a great perch fish fry?
The first post I read on the puc say that waves can get to 4-7 ' I do not believ it the lake is not that deep. I lived on the lake form 1945 to 1972 and there was never 7' wave 4' yes. This year there has been some very nice fish caught. I believe that it can only get better. Would like to see weed planting program started. Like one of the Resort owners did back in the late 50s and eraly 60s.
Very good northernpike and bass fishing lake... Have only hit the eyes a few times but I know thier in there!!!!! Big lake, waves can be 4 - 7 few high in a high wind. so conoers this is not the lake for you!!! Very good fishing though...
have been fishing Lake Puckaway since I was 5 years old. This lake has truly evolved into one of the best fishing lakes in central Wisconsin. Even with the water levels getting low, this lake produces NICE fish everytime I fish it.
When the water levels are not too low its a great lake for fishin. Definately a great lake for scenery.
Can be one of the best pike fishing lakes to be at during the winter...all depends on the shad...when the shad population is high stay away
Lake Puckaway is one of the hottest lakes in Wisconsin. From bluegill, perch , crappie, bass, northern and my favorite the walleye the fishery can,t be beat by too many lakes.
great lake lots of northern,bass, walleye
Pretty deep lake. Lots of shad. Not many hungry northerns anymore. :(
We fished the West end of the lake almost exclusively. Used topwater baits such as Moss Bosses and floating rats in green and white, and drug them over the floating weeds. Had a good time, but I think we were 3 or so weeks late to catch the good post-spawn bite.
fish the lake a few times this year. great fishing both times. record northern is still in this lake. caught nice bass and northern, still great lake to fish, water is low so please take your time moving around, keep only what you need, cpr the rest, be kind to each other and have fun while you can fished this lake.
i love fishing lake puckaway and the fox river. i have landed alot of fish (walleyes, northern pike, small and large mouth bass, stripped bass, giant gills, garr, catfish, and crappies. i have been fishing this area for nearly 30 years and would'nt fish anywhere else.
Puckaway was surprisingly good for me. I went in late July 2003, and we stayed at Log Cabin Resort. Even before registration at 11 AM, I caught a small 24" pike at the dock by the parking lot on a small yellow bucktail. I managed a yellow bullhead on a mepps, five pikes on orange bucktails or 6" suckers (one fish being well over 38"!) 2 very nice channel cats (one over 15 lbs!!) a descent 2 lb largemouth, and even a big fat sheepshead/drum. Bucktails, crawlers, and suckers get the most fish, however, I had several attacks on a firetiger jointed rapala (large) and a tripple blade chartruese buzzbait, but no hook ups. Great lake, even when it's not supposed to be!
fishing slow to hot weather, fish still can be caught,early and late fishing best. bass, catfish , northern, here and there, watch white birds for clue, stay around both ends of the river were the water is cooler and running!! white minnow jig works best when fish r biting, this lake has fishing to come once wether is cooler . watch water levels water is down
back in june of 03 ,i caught 5 fish ,5 cast cant remember last time i could do that on any lake!! talking about pike, or bass!!also caught two bass out of the same hold one after the other, i think this lake is tops for general fishing!! keep only what you really need ,save some for others for years to come later
Water level dictates how well the fishing can be. When it's up I've pulled 20+lb pike, 6+lb LM bass and 8+lb eyes. When it's down don't even bother. I love the lake either way.
When the water is at a good level, you can't beat this lake for pike, walley and bass. I've boated 5 pike over 40" and dozens in the upper 30" range. One of the best ice fishing lakes for pike as well.
In my opinion, one of the best lakes in the state for northern and bass fishing. Great lake!
Excellent lake all around. This lake produces some trophy catches of all species. I have boated several 6-7 lbs largemout. very nice 4-5 lbs smallies. Huge Northern and we have just recently caught some very nice walleyes. If you want more info on this body of water email me at basspro@lake-link.com Good Bassin' Steve Mortenson/ Anglin' Adventures Guide Service
We have been successful this year with some nice 32,33,34,and a big 42inch northern taken on puckaway this year.
Lake has seen ups and downs the past few years, but if there is a lake that can get good fast it is puckaway. Northerns are the ticket when the conditions are right.
Great Lake to fish for multiple species, I caught some huge Crappie more in the river portion of the lake. North East End.
Great size pike. Finding a good spot can be tricky, but if you know when, where, and how to fish, you can catch some beauties.
Great Pike fishing through the ice!!!
Fishing Is Poor When The Shad Population Is High.
This Is A Great Lake To Fish If You Know How And Where To Fish It.
Great Lake For Big Northerns,Bass,Walleyes,also SlabCrappiesand Perch,sleeper For Catfish!
Big Pike In The Winter Fish Hard Fish Smart . Thank You!!!!!
Catfish Are Not Listed-But Abundant In Large Sizes
Great For Camping, Very Relaxing And Excellent Walleye Fishing !!
Weedly Lake Makes Summer Days Worthless, Overabudnce Of Pike Kill Panfish
Great Lake For Big Northern & Bass
Don´t Forget To Try The River Upstream Of Puck!!!! Good Lake!!!
Puckaway Always Has Action Weather Its Gamefish Or Panfish You Will Not Go Away Empty Handed.
Great Largemouth Bass And Northern Pike Lake.
Great Lake To Ice Fish For Northern Pike!
Great Largemouth Bass Lake!