Green Lake Lake Reviews
Green Lake County, Wisconsin

There are currently 26 reviews for Green Lake.
One of my favorite lakes to fish in the state. Unbelievable smallmouth fishing, nice size bluegills, walleyes are becoming more abundant and jigging for lake trout. It is a big, clear body of water that can be hard to figure out, but there is always an opportunity to catch quality fish.
Went out this morning looking for gills. Caught 5 keepers and lots of little perch. Not sure where they are hiding. Also caught 3 largemouth. Biggest 19".
Fished the southwest end near the beach had a drift with the perfect wind jigging for walleye ended up catching numerous smallmouth, all of them over 18" and 2 of them over 20"!!
There are fish to be caught on Green Lake, but it can be a challenge to fish this lake if you don't know it well. The lake is well known for being deep, but in addition to that, most of the water less than 20 feet deep is choked with weeds. This makes many types of presentations difficult. The lake has lake trout, and is one of the few inland waters in Wisconsin that can make that claim. There are guides who take people trolling deep for them, and you can also catch some jigging. There are largemouth and smallmouth bass, and you can catch largemouth by casting shorelines and docks. There isn't a lot of your classic rock bar structure for smallmouth, at least that isn't also choked with weeds. They often hang with LM, or are caught on the deeper weed edges. There are lots of panfish, and in the summer, you see lots of people fishing suspended/deep water panfish. This seems to be what a lot of people fish for. Pike are present, and I'm told there are big ones. Have only caught a couple, but never really targeted them. Walleye - forget about them. They are present, but nothing more than a bonus species. There are some big ones, but don't ever think that it will be easy to get a limit of nice eaters. Go to the somewhat nearby Winnebago system for that.
Multiple species, all year fishing, minimal traffic weekdays!
Big Green is great fishing all year round, certian species are better at certian times, but you can catch fish all year round
Strangely, I have done better from the dock than from the boat.
Very hard lake to catch fish. Most importantly is to be very very careful fishing with downriggers and balls. We nearly had to cut our cables when we fished at 150 feet deep for 5 minutes then about 20 seconds later and 50 feet of surface boat travel we were at 15 feet of water. A difference of 135 feet in a matter of moments! BE VERY CAREFUL otherwise you might lose all your rigging.
Top central Wisconsin gem! Tough to fish, but there are "El Slobbo" fish of every species in this giant.
Green Lake can be very tough fishing at times, but when it's good, it's great. Notherns pretty abundant. Walleys are becoming much more prevalant over the past 5 years or so. Last summer I was lucky enough to catch 3 walleys and a few northerns in a few hours. The best part was, the walleys were 21, 27, and 28 inches!!!!! Just be patient, your day will come.
a very tough lake to fish during the summer because the fish are very deep. Target deep weedlines. Make sure you have a topo map and a fishfinder.
Great trophy fishery for all species but can be challenging summer fishing with heavy boat traffic.Concentrate efforts on breaklines and weedlines.
Lot Of Floating Stuff On Surface In MAY.TOUGH Fishing.
Great For Smallies After June 1 Awesome Northers Early
Great Fishing All Year Round For Variety Of Species.
Great Lake Trout Fishing Through The Ice!
The Best Fishing Ever, Bring The Lake Map And You Will Catch Fish.
Good Fishing And Great Boating
Mark Many Fish But Tough To Get Them To Strike!
Its A Very Fun Lake To Be At!!
Its A Tough Lake To FISH...BRING A Topo Map And Pay ATTENTION...IT Will Pay Off
After Dark Sez It All.
Trophy Fish Of All Species, But Few Easy Ones.
Beautiful, Clear Water. Maximum Depth Visibility, Lovely Lakeside Homes,fish To Catch
This Is A Very Fun Lake To Go Boating And All Other Water Sports