Altoona Lake Lake Reviews
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

There are currently 10 reviews for Altoona Lake.
This lake needs to be shut down for 5 years with no fishing. It's pretty much a dead sea now.
Been over fished too many years now and taking a toll. Lake needs a break.
This lake is in a recharging mode right now(2012).Lake has been fished heavily for a decade. Fishermen are not travelling as far due to limit restrictions on further lakes, gas pricing, etc. Not producing very well.
Don't let this lake get u down, keep at it! I've been fishing this lake for 15 yrs, I fish Bass I've seen holes fill up with sand that held 5 & 6 lb fish they move around but hold in the same places, Keep at it! Great small-mouth But the large mouth are the dominate fish, ave fish is around 19in caught several over 5lbs and a few over 7lbs. Please practice catching and release. This lake has the potential of producing a state record. 8lbs is my largest so far they r there.
This lake ive fished for a while and always catch big fish. gets kinda gross and green in the summer but still a great lake!
I have been fishing Lake Altoona for a couple of years now and I think it is a great lake for catching fish. During the heat of the summer it gets very green and weedy. But like any lake, you have to spend time out there getting to know it. Once you spend some time fishing Lake Altoona, you will find that it holds a lot of fish. I have never caught so many large jumbo perch anywhere! There are some real lunker smallmouth bass as well.
Outstanding Early Season Crappie And Perch Fishing
Smallmouth Fishing Great On Flats And Huge Crappies On North Crips
Nice Fish If You Can Find Them. Water Quality Is Sometimes Poor.
Good Numbers Of Walleyes And Perch, Fish Are Difficult To Locate Without Quality Electronics