Tainter Lake Lake Reviews
Dunn County, Wisconsin

There are currently 11 reviews for Tainter Lake.
Lake is pretty muddy right now. Caught a few pan fish up the Hay River. Lake keeps getting worse every year for the size of crappies.
fished for Walleyes all year and did very well.Fishing buddy and myself took many limits, average size was 16-19 inches. Also did well on Perch and Smallmouths
Algae bloom about chokes this lake out. Your boat will actually slow as it runs through the latex paint consistency of these patches. By late August the green water starts producing amazing purples and reds swirled in florescent green. Parts of this lake smell like a rotting carcass from the substantial Blue-Green algae which happens to be toxic to you and your pets. Beware. If you can stomach all this you will be rewarded with a mediocre fishery where you will spend more time cleaning your gear than cleaning fish.
Went out During the middle of the day. I picked a spot in the middle of the lake and dropped my line. I caught quite a few jumbo perch. I could not drop my line down fast enough.
lots of good spots
I live on the shores of Tainter Lake. Just started activitly ice fishing Tainter Lake after not having done so for a very long, long time. I have an Ice Shanty on the lake and so far every time I have visited it this season I have had some action. Bass, Northern, Perch, and Walleye have come out of the holes. I am having a great time! 01/23/2007
I caught a 28 inch walleye, may 2004, while fishing for crappies. This lake has a bad reputation of not holding any fish. This is not true. Try the deeper waters where the Hay River runs in.
Need To Know Where To Fish (a Different Lake)
Fantastic Crappie Fishing In Spring And Fall, 1-1.5 Lb. Common
Heavy Algae Bloom In Summer. No Dominate Species. Weak Panfish Population
Northern And Walleye Common