Sinissippi Lake (Hustisford) Lake Reviews
Dodge County, Wisconsin

There are currently 16 reviews for Sinissippi Lake (Hustisford).
I am not sure who is submitting these great reviews of the lake. Probably some business with financial interests. I went today to look at some homes on the lake and talked to many people, both on the lake and in town. To a person they told me that the lake is devoid of game fish. If you like carp and bullheads, this is your place. Whomever submitted this crap should be ashamed.
This is a gem of a lake! Great boating, water skiing, tubing, sailing, kayaking (exploring islands), paddle board and fishing! Endless recreational activities! Birds include loons, pelicans (beautiful), hawks, eagles and geese! They have a water ski club and shows and the lake is extremely large! Although it can be shallow in some areas, you can literally boat for hours! There are no time restrictions, which allows you to boat before sun up and until sun down! It is not a busy lake, which makes it perfect for families! Best kept secret in Dodge County!
I've visited Lake Sinissippi many times, and it's got to be one of the best kept secrets within easy driving range of Chicago. Sometimes gets a bad rap because it's not a great game fishing lake (some debate there, though...and kids don't care what they catch). Everything else is upside. It is very uncrowded, big enough for great skiing and tubing, and it's just beautiful out there. I highly recommend it to anyone in northern IL that wants peace and quiet on a great nearby WI lake.
It's a great lake, year around. Many hidden suprises here.Some people say it is all carp now. They should use something new for bait instead of corn. Good Luck where ever you go
Lake is a SLEEPER for large fish. Northerns and Walleyes can really surprise you here. Fish with bobbers and worms/corn, yeah, you're gonna get nothing but carp and bullheads. Get out to the main lake and fish between the weed pockets, jigging or with shallow running cranks you will entice them to come out and strike. In winter, find the few 10' holes (yes, there are a few out there) and jig for Eyes with live bait.
I don't know if their is any fish anymore but carp
Wow is all I can say! Sinnissippi is one of the best kept secrets going. Last September a friend of mine who lives on the lake invited me out, I was reluctant to accept because of the lakes reputation. In the end I agreed to spend a day on the water if for no other reason than to catch up with my old friends life. The fishing was torrid no kidding, we limited on walleye two of them 10 pound plus. I caught two Northerns over 38 inches in one day. My pal told me that he frequently has days like the one we enjoyed, I couldn't believe the fishing was so good and right in my back yard. In addition to the catch I seen two eagles and a variety of wildlife. I was told that there was a very aggressive lake improvement association and that the last couple of years conditions had really turned around from the DNR debacle of the early 70's. I will be back! Tight lines my friends.
Worst lake in the world!!
If you are from around Hustisford and want to become pro-active in the 2,800 acres of what could be a beautiful resource, talk to the lake association and the Dodge County Wildlife Manager(Andy Nelson 920-387-7860) He told me that he would love to do some great things with this lake but gets shot down by the lake owners. If your not from the lake or town - you are talking to a wall. Trust me - I tried plenty and have given up!
This lake is a awful waste of natural resources. It was nice in the early 80's when the DNR killed all the carp when the Hustisford dam was rebuilt. However, the dam broke and all the carp came back upstream. No more nice northerns and bass like I use to catch. DNR have no plans to help this lake because of the attitude of the lake owners - afraid weeds will return to the lake without the carp. It only had cattails around the lake because it was drained for 2 summers!
do NOT even wast your time this lake is junk muck bottom and FULL of carp a real dissapointment to bad the dnr does nothing to help this carp infested wasteland what a joke
This lake is the worst lake i have ever fished. i have only caught rough fish there and I ceratinly do not like them(especially carp.) the DNR should do something about this lake such as raising walleyes and pike and bass here and then transport them to better lakes like Fox, Beaver Dam, Or Emily.
Terrible lake for fishing. All trash fish in it such as carp, dogfish, and bullheads.Very muddy and never a fish caught there. All in all it is awful.
Water is very muddy, use bright colored jigs tipped with fathead,catching small walleye, a very few panfish.
Excellent Carp Fishing & Spearing.
Anyone Hear Of The Dead Sea? It´s Right Here In Your Backyard! Even Sonar Failed To Mark Fish!