Lake Emily Lake Reviews
Dodge County, Wisconsin

There are currently 21 reviews for Lake Emily.
Excellent panfish lake that produces every year.Much better then the overatted Fox lake.Bonus big Pike.
Best panfish lake in the area by far.Fox lake gets all the morons while Emily is the better lake period!
They turned the air raiders on but still slow, lot of small northern and the panfish are alright, if you can find them.
Good mix of species, but most are smaller. The easiest lake to panfish in the area, just not much size.
Nice LM Bass and Northern.....gills are very small though atleast right now
A good bass lake, many large fish present - good trophy potetial. Very weedy! You will need to know how fish glop and very thick weeds. Spring time is best here.
Just a word of caution: I'd be careful with this lake as of latley. I went there to go fishing couple weeks ago and on the northside shorline it was covered with a blue green algae,accompanied with a very foul odor. With all the contaminated wi lake talks as of lately ,I 'd be careful if going on this lake and think twice before eating anythoing from it. I feel this stuff may be toxic.
Top notch Bass lake for action with some real "El Slobbo's" too! 20-50 Bass outings are common. This is a shallow lake with a big algea bloom and abundant weed growth. If you can learn how to deal with the weeds you can have a blast catching Bass here. Plastics work well on the subtle breaks. Pretty much pressure for a small lake though so get there early.
Lots of big bass and good bass fishing here. Way too weedy though. Too many small gills. great norhtern fishing in winter but that's about the only time they're found. Crappies and big perch can only be accessed by boat. Nice gills, crappies, and perch caught by aerators in deep water.
This lake keeps the action going all day long. Every fish seems to bite good. The crappies are the fish that I liked the most.
Pretty good lake, caught abundance of crappies. Massive Northerns. Good time. Give her a try!
This lake is a great lake for Bass but there is way too many little bluegills and panfish here. Some fish are nice such as the state record crappie last year but overall it is a very weedy lake and quite stunted.
I Catch A Lot Of Fish Here It Is A Pretty Nice Lake.
Weeds, Weeds,weeds& More Weeds Many Better And Easier Lakes To Fish
An Overall God Lake. If Gets Pretty Weedy After The First 3 Or 4 Weeks Of Fishing.
Huge Northern & Bass In This Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great For Bass, Eye´s, And Pike, Took 43in. Northern Last Weekend While Jigging
A Good Bass Lake! Nice 2-4# Fish, Also Holds Bull-Gills! Great Place To Take A Kid!!
Nice Slabs Of Crappies!!! Bass Are Indeed Abundant!!!!! Will Bite Anything When They Are On!!!
At Times This Can Be A Very Productive Lake.