Fox Lake Lake Reviews
Dodge County, Wisconsin

There are currently 36 reviews for Fox Lake.
Have family property here since 69'. Excellent Panfish and Gamefish lake - never get skunked - many fish fry's. Wish they had stricter rules as people from other areas of WI come here to panfish and they harvest over limit. Much better fishing than shallow swamp neighbor beaver dam which has become a pool of green slime.
Took my 28 year old son out this past Saturday 9-29-18 at noon. It was cold and not many boats on the lake. First Island we pulled up on, I landed a 5 lb LMB. Three cast later, 2 lb LMB. THAT was it the rest of the day. The lake is still green slime from June. I guess the best time to fish FOX is on ICE or between April till early June. Still a good day all in all.
Went out today with my 16 year old son and my nephew. Didn't get out until noon, but got on crappies right away. Finished with 15 and a fisherman near by gave us 3 crappies he didn't want to clean. Awesome day, worth the trip!
This is a top 10 lake big bass lots of pan fish if you want to see what this lake can deliver check it out on youtube under realbigdawg91
Fox Lake is great! We get our limit every time for Crappie. (Only once we left with 16) They bite in the morning right before sunrise and after sunset. I don't know why everyone else is having problems, but crappies have been great this last 2 months for us. You just have to put in the time during the day and wait until the next bite.
Overfished,overrated and simply very inconsistent to be consider a good lake.Beaver dam right down the road is by far a better lake!
got some huge bluegills today, went home and cut em up, some of them had what they call black pepper parasite. this is the first time i had ever run into it, so i didn't know what it was, looked it up on the internet and they say it might get you sick, i wasn't hungry enough to find out, great fishing tho, lots of fish had a great day fishing! NOT ALL FISH ARE AFFECTED BY IT, LUCK OF THE CATCH!
Great Lake for all kinds of species!
Been fishing Fox for 30 years now. Best Fishing in the last 20. muskie, northern crappie and big walleyes. Caught a 32"walleye. Great place to take the family for fun. Stay at Hayes Resort, its a great place.
lots o' fish. often hard to make em bite tho.
great action lake for all kinds of good fish!!!!!
overfished for panfish but a great walleye lake that has trophy potential.
fished fox lake in 7-05 having almost no luck.locals said water was more shallow than normal and the fishing was much better.used leeches and nightcrawlers exclusively
I have only caught a couple pike and a walleye from here the biggest pike being 29 in long
Good lake. Populations of big crappies, bluegills, and perch. Lots of walleyes, many are legal. LM Bass have taken off. The muskies and northerns are coming back with a vengeance. The water is the clearest I've ever seen. Weed growth is getting better every year(not too weedy). Carp pop. is down. This lake is definitely on the rise. Too many icefisherman in winter though.
Go down by the dam.....great walleye (2 19in. last week) a northern if your very lucky
Fox Lake is an exellent walleye and crappie lake. I pulled out a couple 20+ inch walleye and limited out on crappies several times.caught most on the north side of Chief Kuneo Road. Best Walleye And crappie Lake in dodge County
this lake is awesome for walleyes.. plus caught huge crappies
Good walleye population
Fishing from shore is real bad, but if you have a boat go to the Cty. A bridge for good-size panfish.
Just an overall great lake. Fishing is great since the drawdown. Carp are mostly gone now, but sadly so are the bullheads. Favorite place in the world to fish!!!
I lived on this lake about 4 years ago and left shortly after the lake was poisoned to kill the carp. Largemouth bass and small northern (snakes) easiest to catch. Large crappies and perch easy to catch in spring on north side of lake. Never caught a walleye over 18". Mucho carp and bullheads. Shoot carp with a bow on creek (north-west part of lake). Cribs hold some fish. Very flat muddy bottom. Stay away from stagnant water in summer.
This is a great lake. It contains tons of healthy bluegills, crappies, and nice walleyes and Pike and a sizable Muskie population. Fox Lake though has a carp problem that is diminishing but is still there, and an abundance of small crappies and a low amount of perch. Bullheads are also found in quantity but are fun to catch.
Absolutely gorgeous lake .... We loved it so much we bought a lake front house...Gary
Crappies Where Everywhere,and This Was On Memorial Day WEEKEND..FAMILY Fun At Best.
Great Lake For Pan Fishing Hospitality Was Great
Beautiful Lake, Good Fishing, Abundant Crappie In Early Spring. Bring The Family And Enjoy! Aa++
We Catch All The Fish We Want Right From The Pier.
Great Fishing Lake For Walleyes, Northerns, And Largemouth Bass
Great Fishing Lake For Walleyes, Northerns, And Largemouth Bass
Great Lake For Crappies. A Little Smaller But Abundant. Also Very Nice Walleyes!
Good Lake, Excellent Crappie Fishing
I Love The Northern Pike Fishing Its The Best!!!!
To Many Bullheads
Walleye Fishing Is The Best. Fish Between 19 To 24 Inches Common.
Nice Crappie Fishing!