Beaver Dam Lake Lake Reviews
Dodge County, Wisconsin

There are currently 43 reviews for Beaver Dam Lake.
Beaver Dam Lake is a good lake to fish if you know where to go. It is a very shallow lake 5ft avg. Water is very murky in the summer months.
I feel that as many forage feeders this lake has in it the chances for any spawn survival past fry stage is slim. Not sure what species will dominate in the future.
There are a lot of variables to control in the lake of the size and shallowness. The fishery is certainly in great shape . With everyone's help I hope it can continue.
I am reporting an unfortunate incident on Dec 26, yesterday at the fishing camp (I believe that's the name of the boat launch, located on the north east side of the lake). I left a DeWalt 14.4 drill behind in the grass near the handicapped parking lot around 1:30 or so pm. There is a reward offered for the return of the drill. God bless and Merry Christmas. My number to call is 920-979-8939. Thank you.
great catfish lake
If there is anyone who call themselves a Fisherman, and can't catch fish in Beaver Dam, man, do you ever need fishing lesson. I have been fishing BD lake for over 12 years about 3 or four times a month. Let me tell you, I have never been here without catching very nice size of all species.
it was a tough day fishing. 5-4. fished from 9 til 1:30 and didnt catch anything, water was a little cool 55 to 58 degrees.hopefully with warmer weather coming it will pick up the action
This lake is nasty-always algae blooms.So shallow its like a kiddie pool.Very dangerous when the wind kicks in.Smells like a toilet!!!!!!
Too shallow,too weedy,too scummy-NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
Been loving the Wallter bite this year! Ive been out a bunch, and have seen a lot of action. I will be out again soon, and hope to keep the streak alive, gotta get that mounter!!
Great crappie lake with good spring action.Also big bluegill that are underfished.
Better i(safer) in winter than summer. Last few years have seen increased algae blooms and water turbidity. This lake can kill when the wind whips up from the SE, lost four guys a couple summers ago, so use extreme caution. Walleyes now have an 18inch minimum. But with all that, there are fish, picked up a 38" musky last year while flyrodding for crappies. Musky are starting to become more common, heard of 5 or 6 last summer.
This lake has become my favorite over the years,,,,I am up here almost every weekend. If you put your time in it is amazing..Best so far BIG Crappies, Walleyes,Yellow Bass, Bulleheads, Cats,Big Gills,Nice Pike, Bass,,,you name it BIG Perch,,,,Teamone
great catfish and bullhead lake.
one of the best walleye lakes in the state underfished and 20 fish days are common.
Tough lake to fish, as it is just huge, and the fish tend to roam a lot. While it may be hard to find fish, it is generally well worth it when you do. Great populations of crappies, walleyes, and the up-and-coming yellow bass and catfish. Some bluegills, and perch thrown into the mix, and a supposedly steadily increasing pike fishery as well. Plenty of carp and bullheads though...we should do something about them. Good lake.
Good lake with nice numbers of crappie and walleye. Lots of bullhead and carp though. Also can be weed choked in areas at times. Overall though good lake, even better through the ice.
Nice big lake. Lots of friendly folks around. Caught a couple of walleyes. Most people were searching for crappie. Dodge County and Beaver Dam should be proud of the first rate boat ramps and areas around them.
One of my favorite winter lakes. Lots of action on walleyes...mostly 12-14". But if it's action you want, you can count on it here all winter. The bite is mostly from dusk into the evening. Plenty of baitshops, Bills has everything you could ever dream of for ice fishin, and Quik Trip on Biz.151 has live bait 24/7.
I give it a 4 because the lake is very productive, but most of the walleyes are in the 14" area.
Beaver dam Lake is a wonderful lake. Many huge crappies and walleyes. Bluegills and Perch are big and tasty. Too many Carp, large population of bullheads, and population of Dogfish detract from the lake.Bass though are found everywhere and are usually around 15 inches. Great lake for kids beginning to fish.
Best hit in early spring as water clarity turns too green.
For Great Trout Fishing, Fish The Best - Mt. Hope Rearing Pond In Grant Co.
Great Lake For Night Bowfishing-50cent Bonty On Carp From Lake Association
Great Fishing For Crappies
Good Lake, And Great Fishing
A Fairly Good Lake But The Fish Travel To Much
Fished Friday Night The 12th 3 Guys Had 10 Keeper Eyes. 1 23 Incher
Lake Of Monsters, If You Can Find Them!
It Is Slow Even At Night For Walleye. Not Worth The Trip
Amonth Ago I Caught 34 Crappies Over 12" In 1 Hour A White Bass , A Huge Perch On A Crank Bait
Mud Hole! Nothin But Carp! Dont Waste Your Time!
Good Lake To Fish! Plenty Of Panfish
Great Fishing In Summer On Long Bridge, Better In Winter In The Bay By Bayside Lots Of Bluegill
Rated As One Of The Top Ten Lakes In Wisconsin For Fish Caught, What More Is There To Say.
Lots Of Small Walleyes That Are Getting OVERFISHED.NEED Some New REGS.BIG Crappies,best At Night!
This Lake Has Improved Vastly Over The YEARS.PLENTY Of Fish If You Can Find ´em.
Over Use Has Diminished Fishing Success
A Decent Lake I Usualy Catch Crappies And Lmb´s
Good Eye Fishing And Great Cat Fishing
Great For Crappie, Up To 50 In 2 Hr. Not Bad For Walleye Either. State Record Crappie Caught There.
2weeks Ago My Son And I Caught 50 Crappies In Two Hours
2 Years Ago In 4 Hours 4 Of Us Caught Over A 100 Crappie Avg. 13"